12 Trending Tiger Eye Hair Colours Ideas

Hair inspired by semi-precious stones? Yes, please!  

Over the past year, we’ve seen tonnes of balayage and ombre hair trends surface on social media; from tortoiseshell hair, to bronze ombre, and even flamboyage (which is amazing, BTW!). And just when you thought the inspiration pool was starting to run dry, a hot new hue makes a surprise appearance – and it comes in the form of tiger eye hair.

We know, this colour trend may sound a little odd, but we predict that this gorgeous colour combination will be one of the biggest hair hues before the year is out! So, if we’ve intrigued you to discover more about this unique look, keep on scrolling.

What’s Tiger Eye hair colour?

back view image of a woman with brown balayage hair trend Instagram
Ready to rock the tiger eye hair trend? Credit: Instagram.com/allisonplush

Let us start by clarifying where the inspiration for this trend came from. The tiger eye hair colour is based on a semi-precious rock called ‘Tiger Eye’, which has a very distinct pattern of bronze, gold, and dark brown stripes!

To translate these colours on to the hair, the balayage technique is used for a more blended – as opposed to stripy – finish. Credit: @allisonplush

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What’s the buzz about?

back view image of a woman with curly hair and balayage tiger eye hair colour
We’re loving these vibrant tones. Credit: Instagram.com/jessicaphillips_hair

Recently, the beauty industry has been obsessed with incorporating crystals and other precious minerals into our daily beauty routines. And if you’re not into your skincare, rest assured that you can still work these magical-looking gemstones into your hair, instead – all thanks to the lovely tiger eye trend! Credit: @jessicaphillips_hair

Did you know?

Tiger eye hair trend: All Things Hair - IMAGE - balayage hair trend Instagram
How about trying out the tiger eye hair trend underneath your locks?Credit: Instagram.com/thriftsandthreads

Fun fact for you: the tiger eye stone is thought to have special healing powers! So, if you ask us, winter is the perfect season to try the tiger eye hair trend, as you’ll be starting off the new year with tonnes of positive vibes (and amazing tresses, of course!). Credit: @thriftsandthreads

Inspiring looks that you’ll want to try out

Now that you have the key info on the tiger eye technique, it’s time to choose how you’ll wear it. Luckily, we’ve gathered up 12 simply stunning variations for your viewing pleasure – go on, which one will you choose?

1. Bold colour

back view of a woman with long hair with shades of brown, blonde and red
Go bold or go home, we say! Credit: Instagram.com/ondrejgrna

There are many ways to rock the tiger eye hair colour trend, but this is one of the most vibrant and striking looks we’ve come across. This is all about bold, statement colouring, generously painted onto the hair in complimentary shades. Credit: @ondrejgrn

2. Dark treacle

back view of a woman's hair worn down and loose with balayage
Carefully applied complimentary hues look amazing! Credit: Instagram.com/egrogs

Let your hair do the talking with this multidimensional look, that’s also surprisingly natural looking. Ask your stylist to use a balayage technique to paint different sections of your hair. We love the shades of dark treacle and warm caramel, for a cosy wintertime look! Credit: @egrogs

3. Toffee and caramel

side view of a woman with shoulder length curled hair with caramel and brown tones
Combine warm reds and caramels! Credit: Instagram.com/sel6nop_hairstyle

Looking for a vivid update to your colour game? We’ve got just the thing! Transform your locks into warm, colourful bursts of toffee and caramel tones.

Keep the ends the lightest with flashes of bright blonde, and curling your tresses to really show off your colour combo. Credit: @sel6nop_hairstyle

4. Dark and sultry

front view image of a woman with dark hair worn down
Go for darker shades for a more sultry finish. Credit: Instagram.com/luizasemeniuc

Ready for a re-vamp? Give your tresses a dose of dark auburn, chestnut brown and light auburn, swirled together to create a subtle, yet interesting look. We’re sure this will help you beat hair boredom for a while! Credit: @luizasemeniuc

6. True tiger eye

mirror view image of a woman with her hair worn long and wavy
Have your stylist contour your hair colour! Credit: Instagram.com/davinesofficial

Get as close to the healing stone itself with this colour, that perfectly resembles a true tiger eye hue. Ideal if you’ve already got dark tresses, as you’ll only need to add in shades of bronze, warm browns and blonde.

Dark-haired gals will be pleased to know you can keep your natural hair colour throughout, to compliment the multi-tonal look. Credit: @davinesofficial

7. Dark roots

side view image of a woman with her shoulder length hair worn down and wavy with dark roots
Keep the roots dark and the ends light. Credit: Instagram.com/backstage.ca

If you’ve got very dark hair, then this is the tiger eye look to go for. With minimal maintenance and your dark tresses being a key part of the look, you’re going to love rocking this hue.

Ask your stylist to highlight your hair using a balayage technique from the midsection of your tresses to the ends. Credit: @backstage.ca

8. Auburn and bronze

side view image of a woman with long wavy dark brown and auburn hair colour
We love the tones of warm red and auburn. Credit: Instagram.com/locksby_lexi

Give your locks a ‘lit from within’ finish by teaming shades of auburn and warm bronze, with dark brown hair. The best thing about this look is how glossy and healthy those locks look. We’ll go for the same! Credit: @locksby_lexi

9. Caramels and blonde

back view of a woman with long curled hair - tiger eye hair colour
We love these warm, autumnal hues! Credit: Instagram.com/nevillesalon

To get that beautiful mix of colours seen in a ‘tigers eye’, you’ll need to combine at least three different hues in your tresses.

Fret not, though, as this sounds a lot more high maintenance than it is. After all, this look is all about darker roots, so the upkeep won’t be a constant chore. We love these tones of caramels and blondes, mixed with dark, bronze-brown. Credit: @nevillesalon

10. Tiger eye transformation

Tiger eye har trend: All Things Hair - IMAGE - balayage hair trend Instagram
Tiger eye hair trend. Credit: Instagram.com/vera_dorn

Ever feel like you’re rocking dull, flat hair? Well, we can help you with that!

Inject a dose of vivid, glossy colour into your locks with vibrant shades of auburn, caramel brown and bronze. There’s nothing like a fresh new colour, to make you feel like you can conquer the world. True story. Credit: @vera_dorn

11. Natural colour

back view of a womans long brown wavy hair
Keep things subtle and natural with this look. Credit: Instagram.com/latrelvilleda

If you’re after a colour that’s fresh and pretty, but also incredibly natural looking, then this is the shade for you…

With subtle highlights of warm browns, there are no obvious stripes or roots to be seen here. Just imagine you’ve spent months on a beach and these are the sun-kissed results. Love! Credit: @latrelvilleda

12. Dark golden browns

side view image of a woman with long wavy brown - tiger eye hair
This is a natural looking way to rock the tiger eye hair colour trend. Credit: Instagram.com/alexmoleon

Another one to add to the ‘subtle’ list of hot tiger eye hairstyles, we love how natural and pretty this look is.

If you want to achieve something similar, ask your stylist to pick shades that complement your own natural hue. This is a very subtle way to work the tiger eye trend and we’re loving it! Credit: @alexmoleon


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