Pick ‘n’ mix hair: Instagram is going crazy for these retro sweet shop-inspired hair colours

Sugary shades inspired by everyone's favourite sweet shop treats.  

Got a sweet tooth? If you answered yes, then you’ll love the sweet shop-inspired hair colour trend that’s currently circulating on Instagram.

Inspired by famous, old-fashioned sweets from parma violets to rainbow sherbet, whatever your favourite childhood treat was, you can bet there’s a hair colour to match.

So, whether watermelon slices are your weakness or mouth-watering sour sweets are more your thing, take a look through our gallery to see some of the best candy-inspired colours we’ve discovered. And then, it’s only right that you go and get yourself your own pick ‘n’ mix (for research purposes, of course!).

Hair colours inspired by retro sweet shops


back view of a woman with blue and pink bubblegum inspired hair
Hubba bubba, this look is poppin’! Credit: Instagram.com/gissy1991


Learning to blow bubbles with gum was pretty much the number 1 thing on any child’s mind, so this blend of pink and blue bubblegum-inspired shades instantly took us back to primary school.

Considering this look incorporates 2 shades, the muted, faded colours aren’t too overbearing or crazy, so it’s more wearable than you might think. Credit: @gissy1991

back view of a woman with long curly violet hair
Parma violets are a sweet shop classic. Credit: Instagram.com/gossipsessionsalon

Parma violets

Parma violets are one of the more controversial sweets of the bunch (who knew sweets could cause such a debate!), but love them or loathe them, there’s no denying this violet purple shade is pretty spectacular. Credit: @gossipsessionsalon

Editor’s tip: Now we bet these sweet hair colours have already tickled your tastebuds, right? If so, and you’re hot footing it down to the salon, remember to add in a colour treatment to your weekly routine.

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selfie of a woman with yellow and pink fruit salad inspired hair
This fruity look surely counts towards your 5 a day! Credit: Instagram.com/sarahqroberts

Fruit salad

Fruit salads are the epitome of nostalgia. Their chewy texture, their heavenly taste, and, of course, their bright mix of colours!

So if this was your go-to pick ‘n’ mix fave as a kid, bring back those childhood memories and opt for a combination of vibrant pink and yellow blonde hues throughout your hair. Credit: @sarahqroberts

back view of a woman with long curly sour green apple coloured hair
Can you handle the sour power? Credit: Instagram.com/mandaharsche

Sour apple

One too many tongue-tingling sour apples and your tongue would go numb, but this sour apple look is much easier to digest. Wear it with the ombre technique to transition your colours from deep green to crisp apple and seafoam hues, and you’ve got yourself a big treat! Credit: @mandaharsche

woman with shoulder length green to pink ombre watermelon inspired hair
These watermelon waves are giving us all the holiday vibes. Credit: Instagram.com/soloparamunecas

Watermelon slices

Always fill your bag to the brim with watermelon slices? Then this look is perfect.

Worn with cool green colours from the roots to the mid lengths of your tresses, and the ends dipped an eye-watering shade of pink, we’ve suddenly got a big craving for something sweet! Credit: @soloparamunecas

side profile of a woman with pastel sherbet coloured hair
Forget frizzy hair, it’s all about FIZZY hair with this sherbet inspired hue. Credit: Instagram.com/shelleygregoryhair

Rainbow sherbet

Gone are the days of the 10p sherbet straws, but you can still enjoy this multicoloured treat – just minus the added E numbers.

With muted pastel tones worn in stripes, this super shiny rainbow look is reminiscent of the sherbet straws we used to spend the last of our pocket money on. Totally worth it, we say. Credit: @shelleygregoryhair


Loving these sweet candy colours? Want to see even more ideas for brightening your mane this season? Say no more. Just take a stroll through our Hair Colour Ideas page now and you’ll be treated to a world of wonderful hues to dazzle the senses!

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