Stylish hairstyles from the AW16 runways you can wear now

Arianna | 04 July 2016

Get ahead with next season’s hair trends now!

The autumn/winter 2016 fashion weeks were pretty spectacular in terms of hairstyles – from slicked-back looks and messy, wavy locks, to the addition of lots of heavily embellished accessories. But here at All Things Hair, we’re particularly interested in the more wearable looks that came out of the shows (i.e. the ones that we could wear to a party or even at the office without getting weird stares) – and we’re here to show you how you can create these runway-inspired, uber stylish hairstyles at home, all without the help of a glam squad. You’re welcome!

5 Super stylish hairstyles from the AW16 runways


Stylish hairstyles from the AW16 runways: Loose low plait with a cap. Credit: Indigital

Loose, low plait

If you don’t have loads of free time to style your hair in the mornings, but still want it to look bang on trend, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you: meet the loose, low plait! It’s stylish, effortless and easy to create (you can totally spend a few extra minutes in bed on a work day if you choose this ‘do!).

To achieve the look, simply plait your hair using the traditional three-strand braiding technique – but rather than weaving it super tight, leave it a little looser to get the nonchalant effect. And don’t worry if you have thin hair, you can make your plait look thicker and wider by pancaking it. To do that, gently pull apart each section of your braid by using your thumb and index finger. Trust us, your hair will go from fine to full in a matter of seconds.

frizzy hair pony twist stylish hairstyles
Stylish hairstyles from the AW16 runways: Frizzy pony twist. Credit: Indigital

Frizzy pony twist

Well, we never thought we’d say this, but it’s time to embrace the frizz! Yes, really. Need convincing? Have a look at the pictures from the Tommy Hilfiger AW16 show, which saw models sent down the runway with flyaway hair. We mean, if it’s acceptable for Tommy Hilfiger, it’s acceptable for us, too, right?

To create this super simple updo, start with a low ponytail and then form a gap just above its base with your fingers. Loop your hair up and into the gap, then pull it through so that you get a low ponytail shape again. This looping method will create a pretty, twisted effect that’s perfect for keeping your flyaway tresses neatly bundled up for those extra hot summer days!

floral embellishment AW16 hair
Stylish hairstyles from the AW16 runways: Floral embellishments. Credit: Indigital

Floral embellishments

Using hair accessories is an easy way to jazz up any ‘do, and it seems the session stylists at London-based designer Ryan Lo’s show knew this only too well. For his AW16 presentation, the models flaunted pretty floral hair clips, scattered across the front of their head to match their patterned dresses and jewellery. To create a similar look at home, simply accessorise your updo with a few embellished pins or with one large beaded hair clip!

Editor’s tip: for fine hair, spray your hair accessories with a hairspray, like the TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspay (500ml, £4.99*)This will help stop your hair clips and pins from slipping and sliding out of your hair.

low sleek ponytail hair
Stylish hairstyles from the AW16 runways: Low wet-look ponytail. Credit: Indigital

Low, wet-look ponytail

As you probably already know, neat, low ponytails and wet-look hair were massive for spring/summer 2016. So it comes as no surprise that someone would have thought to combine these two trends to make an entirely new one for the next season. And you know what? We loved the uniformed, sleek looks at Jil Sander’s AW16 show. Legendary hair stylist Sam McKnight styled the models’ locks into tidy, low ponytails and finished each with a wet look sheen.

If you’re recreating this look at home, ensure that you use a wet-look gel (or if you can’t get hold of it, try layering a hair serum, like the Toni&Guy Glamour Serum Drops (£7.49*), over the TIGI Catwalk Strong Mousse (13.95*) for an ultra sleek finish. And remember to use a comb to distribute the product through your hair, before smoothing down any pesky flyaways with your fingers.

low ponytail loop stylish hairstyles AW16
Stylish hairstyles from the AW16 runways: Low ponytail loop. Credit: Indigital

Low ponytail loop

The models at Derek Lam were sent down the runway with what can only be described as the love child of a low ponytail and a low bun – which we’ve coined “the low ponytail loop”.

It’s one of the best stylish hairstyles to rock when popping to the local supermarket, chilling on the weekend or even strolling through the park – plus, it’s super easy to create. Simply put your hair into a low ponytail and, when you go to secure it the final time, pull your hair only halfway through the hairband to form a loop. Yep, that’s really it. Trust us, if the normcore trend penetrated the hair world, this would be the ultimate style hero.

So, which one of these stylish hairstyles will you be trying out first?

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