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Style It On: How to create a half-up, half-down braid with Nikki Phillippi

Nikki Phillippi with half up half down braid hairstyle youtube
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Tempted by all the half braided hairstyles out there? Then step this way for the most stunning half up braid braid you’ll see today…


Have you been missing our lovely Style It On series with your favourite YouTube stars? Well, dry those tears, because it’s back and better than ever! And kicking things off for the new year is Nikki Phillippi with her take on an uber cool half-up, half-down braid top knot ‘do.

Now, it’s no secret that half braided hairstyles are seriously hot-to-trot. But what makes this look extra special is that it is worked into an on-trend bun, too! So, are you ready to try a fab half-up braid? Then watch the video above, or read on for a step-by-step guide to get acquainted with the look you won’t be able to live without.

Style It On: How to get a half-up, half-down braid



Wash your hair.

Begin by washing your hair with the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo

This nifty reverse wash system will condition your mane, leave it feeling smooth, perfectly polished and ready to rock your half-up braid!


Apply mousse.

When creating half braided hairstyles, you’ll want a little extra help from a body-boosting styling product, like the VO5 Volume Mousse.

Squirt a tennis ball-sized amount of mousse into your palm and evenly distribute it through your damp hair.

Not only will this mousse help make your hair appear fuller and more volumised, but it will also help protect it from heat damage! Smart, right?


Section and curl.

Now section your hair in half horizontally and clip the top section out of the way for now (we’ll come back to it later!).

Then use a curling wand to curl 1-2 inch wide sections of hair at a time. You only need to hold the hair in place for a few seconds to form a nice, loose curl.

Continue working in these sections until your entire head (except the top section) of hair is curled.


Create your parting and braid.

Remember that top section of hair we told you to keep a hold of? Now is its time to shine! Section the top layer of hair with your fingertips into a roughly inverted V shape, by running fingers from the tops of ears to the crown of your head.

Then begin to Dutch braid (crossing the 2 outside strands under – not over – the middle strand), until you reach about 2-inches before your hair ends. Secure your braid with a hairband.

If you prefer to work a half-up, half-down French braid, simple cross your strands over the middle section, instead of under.


Create your bun and set the look.

After pancaking your half-up, half-down braid, pull the remaining hair from the back into a messy bun and secure with it with bobby pins (the more, the merrier!).

Set the look with a spritz of Toni&Guy Extreme Style Creation Hairspray. This will help give the control and definition that this chic, yet playful hairstyle calls for.


Final look.

And there you have it: a model-worthy half-up, half-down braided hairstyle that’ll make all your friends green with hair envy!


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22 February 2017