Spiced cider hair is the cosy shade warming our feeds

Because drinking a spiced cider drink just isn't enough these days!  

Looking for a fresh alternative to pumpkin spice hair? Then you’re in luck, because we’re falling head over heels for the latest A/W hue taking over our feeds: spiced cider hair.

This sizzling trend is inspired by the spicy, cinnamon-infused drinks we all reach for when the weather takes a turn. And, if you want to see what it looks like, scroll through our gallery above, or keep on reading for all the need-to-know details (preferably with a warm cuppa!).

6 spiced cider hair colours to copy

Spiced cider hair: Side view of strawberry golden blonde medium length wavy hair
The art of balayage is being able to play with different hues. Credit: Instagram.com/ryan.weeden

1. Classic spiced cider

If you thought you had seen just about enough hair hue inspiration for 2018, along comes the most fabulous shade of all.

Spiced cider hair is the perfect transitional colour from the ever-popular pumpkin spice hair trend that has long been our go-to shade for autumn (thank you Starbucks and your inspirational seasonal menu). Credit: @ryan.weeden

Spiced cider hair: Side view of strawberry blonde balayage shoulder length wavy hair
Brighten up your complexion with this hue. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbykristenek

2. Spiced cider highlights

While pumpkin spice hair is a mix of copper, auburn and ginger hues, spiced cider hair is a more subtle option, being a fusion of cinnamon, copper and blonde highlightsCredit: @hairbykristenek

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Spiced cider hair: Woman with light brown hair, with honey and spice toned highlights running through her long waves
Brunettes can get in on this trend, too! Credit: Instagram.com/chelscaruso

3. Spiced cider on dark hair

Brunette beauties rejoice! Spiced cider hair is an understated way for you to enhance your natural hue — and this lady’s mane is a serious case in point. Credit: @chelscaruso

piced cider hair: Side view of strawberry blonde balayage on long wavy hair
Stunning winter hair doesn’t mean you have to go darker. Credit: Instagram.com/amanda.k_hair

4. Warm spice cider hair

Much like the Scandinavian-loved Hygge hair hue, this scrumptious colour has us ready to cosy up in our onesies and binge watch our fave festive movies (after a day spent at the Christmas markets, of course). Credit: @amanda.k_hair

side view of strawberry golden blonde balayage medium length wavy hair
Tip: Keep your spice cider hair hue looking glossy. Credit: Instagram.com/oliviadoesmyhair

5. Cinnamon spiced cider hair

Ready to take the plunge and give your tresses a seasonal makeover?

Ask your stylist to paint large sections of your hair with warmer natural tones, before adding in blonde accents (especially around the hairline), to create a seamless balayage finish that mimics the look of spicy, cinnamon-infused cider. Credit: @oliviadoesmyhair

Spiced cider hair: Woman with long, wavy spiced cider pumpkin hair, wearing black and posing in a salon
Can’t shake off your love for pumpkin? Try mixing the two! Credit: Instagram.com/colour.jade

6. Pumpkin spice cider hair

Wondering what spiced cider hair would look like with pumpkin tones? Well, this beauty clearly wondered the same…

With a delicious blend of cinnamon, strawberry blonde and sparkling pumpkin, she’s showing us all how to take this subtle trend to stand-out heights. Off to the salon we go! Credit: @colour.jade


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