We’re crushing on Star Trek: Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green RN (and it has something to do with her hair ofc!)

If you haven't heard of Sonequa Martin-Green before, now's the time for you to get acquainted...  

So, who is Sonequa Martin-Green and why does she need your attention? Well, if you’re a Trekkie and have been watching Star Trek: Discovery, you’ll know that she’s slaying as the new female lead of the show. And it’s not just because of her amazing acting skills, but also because of her natural hair (on-and-off the screen).

Since we’re all about celebrating curly hair, we reckon Sonequa Martin-Green is a black hair icon in the making and we’re obsessed. Want to know why? Keep on reading and you’ll soon be just as obsessed as us!

4 reasons we’re crushing on Sonequa Martin-Green’s hair


close up shot of sonequa martin-green with short natural curly hair on the set of the star trek discovery, wearing blue suit
You’d think that fighting the Klingons would leave your mane in a mess…Credit: Instagram.com/startrekcbs

1. Because her character’s hairstyle is always on-point

If you haven’t been watching Star Trek: Discovery, you’re seriously missing out! In the show, Sonequa plays Michael Burnham, the commander of The Starship Enterprise (and in our opinion, the commander of great hair!).

Whether she’s rocking short natural curls or wearing them sleek, she always manages to take on the Klingons (AKA the baddies), in style. Credit: @startrekcbs

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close up shot of sonequa martin-green with box twists half up bun hairstyle, wearing dark green dress
Her protective hairstyle of choice? Box twists! Credit: Instagram.com/therealsonequa

2. She’s all about protective hairstyles

Box braids aren’t the only protective hairstyles for natural hair, isn’t that right Sonequa? In fact, box twists are equally stunning and super-stylish, too.

We particularly love how she’s styled her Senegalese twists into an on-trend half-up, half bun, as it shows off her Rapunzel lengths and keeps her mane off her face. Take notes ladies, take notes! Credit: @therealsonequa

close up shot of sonequa martin-green with natural vintage updo hairstyle, wearing shirt and purple lipstick
Vintage hair, don’t care! Credit: Instagram.com/therealsonequa

3. She’s shining the spotlight on natural vintage hairstyles

When you think about vintage hairstyles, it’s hard not to picture victory rolls and Hollywood waves, but did you know there’s a whole host of natural vintage ‘dos? If not, Sonequa will gladly (and glamorously) give you a lesson on how to rock them.

Just take a look at her natural pompadour, here, and you’ll understand what we’re on about…Credit: @therealsonequa

close up shot of sonequa with curly hair with bangs, smiling, instagram picture
She’s a curl icon in the making! Credit: Instagram.com/therealsonequa

4. But most importantly, because she’s flaunting her natural curls

Having openly admitted she has mane crushes on Rihanna, Janelle Monae and Lupita Nyong’o (don’t we all?), the 30-year-old’s appreciation for curly-haired ladies and her own decision to flaunt hers, makes her a winner in our books! Credit: @therealsonequa


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