Don’t sweat it: 7 practical gym updos for short hair

Forget the Fitbit, these HIIT-proof hairstyles will be your new favourite workout companion.

If you’re anything like us, then you will have undoubtedly made the promise to get fitter this year. Yet while half the effort is the time and commitment put into getting to the gym itself, the other half is finding suitable hairstyles that’ll keep your hair off your face – especially if your hair is shorter.

To help take the stress away so you can focus on those #girlgains, we’ve shortlisted 7 gym approved short updos, ideal for any workout. Come on ladies, let’s beat those PBs together!

Gym hairstyles for short hair: Street style shot of the back of a brunette model with a half-up bun hairstyle, wearing all black
Looking good hun. Credit:

1. The hun

Half-up, half-down bun hairstyles (AKA the hun) have been spotted everywhere, from the runway to our fave influencers and we think it makes for one of the most on-trend hairstyles in and out of the gym.

Gym hairstyles for short hair: Brunette woman with a low bun hairstyle
Keep your squats and your bun low!

2. The low bun

Buns are perfect hairstyles for working out in. Why, you ask? Because it means that all of your hair is tucked neatly away, without having any annoying flyways in your face!

Now, when it comes to short hair, it’s best to opt for a low bun, as this will ensure that all of your strands are tied securely into your updo.

Editor’s tip: If you have a fringe that is too short to be pulled back into your bun, don’t forget to spritz it with a little of the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo. This will help to absorb any sweat and oil produced while you’re working out!

Gym hairstyles for short hair: Blonde model with short hair and headband braid
Headband braids will become your new BFF.

3. Headband braids

Whether you’re sporting pixie cut or bob length tresses, if your hair is a tad too short to style in a updo, don’t fret as you can still tame your tresses (and stop them from sticking to your forehead in that spin class you love) with a simple headband braid.

Psst: This is also a great option for those with a fringe too!

Gym hairstyles for short hair: Sporty brunette with a low ponytail, lifting dumbells in the gym
If you can’t get your hair into a regular pony, a low one may work better.

4. The low ponytail

What gym hairstyles round-up would be complete without a classic low ponytail? Probably the easiest gym-worthy hairstyle out there, this updo takes a matter of seconds to whip up (making it our all-time favourite!). Not to mention it will do the job in securing shorter hair or layers.

Editor’s tip: To help banish frizz and flyaways, give your mane a spritz with the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray after styling, and smoothing down your strands with your hand.

Gym hairstyles for short hair: Blonde model on runway with a red satin headband, wearing a strapless colourful dress
Headbands have been given the runway seal of approval. Credit:

5. Headbands

Now if we told you that headbands were back (and not just in the gym) would you believe us? We thought not. Taking the runway by storm over the last few seasons, headbands have become not only acceptable for the gym but have solidified their style credentials, too!

Of course headbands are great as a gym hairstyle for all hair lengths, but if you are constantly blowing those pesky short strands out of your face, grab a headband (or even a sweatband for full Olivia Newton-John ’80s vibes) and let’s get physical.

Gym hairstyles for short hair: Close-up shot from above of a brunette with curly mid-length hair styled in half-up half-down double Dutch braids, wearing a white t-shirt against a green background
Who said braids were off the cards for short hair? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

6. Half-up, half-down braids

If you don’t enjoy wearing all of your hair up, then why not try rocking two edgy half-up, half-down braids, instead? Parted neatly down the centre and featuring 2 pancaked French braids, this hairstyle really adds a twist to your workout look!

Style tip: Tie the rest of your hair into pigtails for a modern take on the style.

Gym hairstyles for short hair: Woman with curly natural hair in an updo tied with a hair scarf, wearing a bomber jacket and standing outside
Keep curls in check with a bandana style.

7. The bandana updo

Want to keep your curly hair in place during a hardcore gym session? Then you’ll need to look to a bandana for a helping hand.

To achieve this workout-worthy updo with your short curls, simply pull all of your hair up into a really loose pineapple, before positioning your bandana at the front of your head. Not only will this help to keep all of your curls under control, but it’s also a rather chic way to accessorise your style!

Editor’s tip: Before you wrap up all of your lovely tresses, try applying some TIGI S-Factor Papaya Leave-in Moisture Spray to your hair, to help moisturise your locks and banish any frizz.