Halloween How-To: Spooktacular Vintage Scream Queen Hair

It's scream season! Get into the spirit with this retro style fit for the silver screen.
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Are you a sucker for vintage movies? Well, if you’re contemplating channelling your inner silver screen siren for Halloween, we’ve got just the thing: a striking scream queen hairstyle, that will have you looking as though you’ve stepped straight out of a Hitchcock film.

Combining the elegance of a side bun updo with the retro vibes of fancy finger waves, it creates an utterly showstopping effect. And the best part? We’ve teamed up with Superdrug Loves to create a super simple step-by-step tutorial (yay!), so you can easily follow along at home.



Prep and Section.

Start by prepping your hair with the VO5 Big Volume Mousse, which will give your hair the fabulous bounce and volume it needs for this look.

Then section your hair from front to back, making sure to clip away the front sections — we’ll come back to them later!


Tease Your Roots.

Now, focusing on the back section, take your backcombing brush and begin teasing the root area. Doing this will give your mane the scary texture it needs to hold this gorgeous style.

Continue gently working through each section, from top to bottom, until all of the hair has been teased.


Smooth and Secure.

Once you’ve teased your hair to textured perfection, mist a light hold hairspray, like the TONI&GUY Extreme Style Creation Hairspray over it. This nifty hairspray will make your hair looked polished and give it a star-worthy shine.

After, use your backcombing brush to smooth down your hair, before securing it with a clear elastic band and creating a side ponytail.


Create Your Side Bun.

Now that you have your side ponytail, it’s time to turn it into a bun. To do this, you simply need to twist the tail of your pony until it turns into a bun shape.

Once you’ve done that, secure your bun with some bobby pins and set it with another spritz of hairspray, to help make it budge-proof.


Create Your Finger Waves.

Remember that front section? Now is its time to shine! You’ll need to create a deep side part, splitting the section into two to make it easier to create your finger waves.

To create your first finger wave, take your first section and (starting roughly about 2-inches from the root) clamp your straightener onto your hair and rotate it 90 degrees downwards.

Hold the straighter in place for a few seconds, then alternately work downwards and upwards until you reach the ends of your hair.

Repeat this action on the other section, et voila: finger waves without the hassle!


Secure Your Finger Waves.

Now that you’ve finished creating your finger waves, you’ll need to combine them with your side bun.

So, taking the first section of hair, gently smooth it back and wrap it around the bun. Secure the section with some bobby pins and do the same with the other side.


Final Look.

And there you have it, you’re ready to Trick or Treat in style!

Psst: For added drama, you can always add in some elegant pearls or Great Gatsby-inspired feathers to your mane! Whatever your choice, you’ll be sure to steal the limelight.