Reverse ombre: 7 looks on Instagram that will totally convince you!

Reverse ombre is about to be your new hair BFF!  

Ombre hair has been a hot trend for a number of seasons now, with new and innovative ways to wear it cropping up all the time. From natural looking hues of blonde and brown, right down to multiple shades of pink, blue and purple – we’re sure you’ve heard of them all. But have you ever seen or heard of reverse ombre hair?

We know this sounds like a made-up concept, but don’t turn away just yet! The simple ombre look has come a long way from its humble beginnings – so, if you think you’ve seen them all, think again, because we’re here to teach you all about reverse ombre and how you can get it!

Well, it works as the name suggests, by reversing the colours used in your ombre look. Whereas traditional ombre hair transitions from dark on top to light at the bottom, reverse ombre hair flips the look on its head, taking the hues from light at the top and fading into darker tones at the bottom.

Still not convinced? Take a look below and you soon will be!

long grey blue reverse ombre hair
Reverse ombre hair: Grey and blue. Credit:

Grey and blue

Reverse ombre hair doesn’t have to be based on the usual combination of natural looking colours, you know. In fact, we would suggest quite the opposite and embrace some bright, bold hues for this unique colouring technique!

And if shimmering icy tones are your thing, then why not try this silver and deep blue take on the reverse ombre trend? The mix of grey and blue tones, fading from light, silver grey through to deep, inky blue creates an ultra-cool, metallic effect – honestly, we’re totally crushing on this one! Credit@kellyvlass

Reverse ombre hair: Green ombre hair
Reverse ombre hair: Gorgeous green. Credit:

Gorgeous green

Another bright, bold reverse ombre look, this mermaid-inspired take on the trend fades from pastel, mint green, through to rich, emerald green in the mid lengths and ends. We don’t know about you, but it’s got us green with envy (sorry!). Credit: @hair_by_shaylynn

Did you instantly fall in love with this look? Well, before you take the plunge and opt for your favourite shades of green, you need to know how to pull it off best – there’s nothing worse than getting a bad dye job, so take note!

Reverse ombre hair: brown ombre hair
Reverse ombre hair: Warm brown. Credit:

Warm brown

Got brown hair, but want to channel on-trend rose gold tones? Well, get ready to earn some serious style points this season, because we’ve got just the look for you. Simply take a leaf out of this reverse ombre look and fade from light, peachy hues into a deep, red-toned brown.

Thanks to the muting effect of the brown tones, this technique also works a treat if you want to take your already bright hair down a notch! Tempted? We know we are. Credit: @daphnee_h

Reverse ombre hair: blonde reverse ombre
Reverse ombre hair: Beautiful blonde. Credit:

Beautiful blonde

As you will undoubtedly know, having a standard ombre look from brown into blonde works for just about everyone – and the same can be said for reverse ombre hair! Flip it around and gently fade from soft blonde, into a rich, brown.

This look is also ideal for natural blondes who want to embrace an ombre-inspired look without dying their roots dark. It may be a subtle change, but it’s one that’s sure to get your noticed! Credit@etamez135

Reverse ombre hair: purple silver hair
Reverse ombre hair: Purple rain. Credit:

Purple rain

Lavender hair has been on our radar for a while now, and with this reverse ombre take on the trend, it looks like it’s here to stay. With it’s stunning, cool platinum and vivid purple tones, this reverse ombre hair takes the trend to a whole new level of awesomeness! Credit: @hairbylilrascals

Still not convinced on the colour purple? In that case, you need to check the celebrities who have rocked it best! Trust us, there won’t be a doubt in your mind after seeing them work it on the red-carpet.

Reverse ombre hair: long red reverse ombre hair
Reverse ombre hair: Radiant red. Credit:

Radiant red

From vivid red to deepest, darkest burgundy, the second we saw this radiant reverse ombre, it instantly captured our hearts.

This colour may be a little trickier to pull off, but if you’ve got a pale skin tone (and a love of red lipstick) then this is the look for you! And don’t forget to check out our latest article on red tresses for some autumnal #hairspirationCredit: @ladyredkows

Editor’s tip: No matter what ombre shade you go for, remember to adapt your usual shampoo and conditioner for one that is specially formulated for colour-treated hair, like the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Colour Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner

Reverse ombre hair: brunette reverse ombre
Subtle reverse ombre hair for brunettes. Credit:

Subtle reverse ombre for brunettes

Reverse ombre doesn’t have to be all about lots of drama and high definition, you know – just take a look at this subtle example as proof.

Brunettes can also embrace the look by fading the mid lengths and ends of their tresses into dark browns or black. The end result? A discreet look that’s got all the styling impact of brighter and bolder hues! Credit: @thehairslinger



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