11 pumpkin spice hair colours that scream autumn

All Things Hair | 30 October 2018

Rocking pumpkin spice hair to go with your fave latte is the way forward! 

Desperate to switch up your hair hue for autumn? If that’s you, the only hair colour you should try this season to keep you ahead of the mane game, is pumpkin spice hair.

Aptly timed with the ritual roll-out of Starbucks’ famed Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL, FYI!), this warming hue marries together copper, ginger and auburn colours, for a gorgeous effect. Keep scrolling to see our favourite PSL looks, below.

11 ladies who’ll make you want to try pumpkin spice hair


Pumpkin spice latte hair: Backshot of a woman with fiery ginger pumpkin hair styled into loose curls, wearing floral top and posing in a salon
Warm up your mane with this eye-catching hue. Credit: Instagram.com/stylist_named_steph

1. Fiery pumpkin

After a head-turning shade? Say no more. This fiery pumpkin hair colour is here and ready to turn your tresses into something worth talking about, especially if you show it off with loose curls, like this. Credit: @stylist_named_steph

woman with brown orange hair worn in a bob cut and loose waves
Add this hue to your A/W hair bucket list. Credit: Instagram.com/lechandeliersalon

2. Classic pumpkin spice hair

As mentioned earlier, you can quickly banish any ideas of block-coloured, orange hair. This trend is all about working subtle saffron hues into your tresses – think: warm auburn and copper variations, blended with pretty pumpkin tones.

There’s also no need to worry if you don’t have Rapunzel-like locks, because this works well on both long and short hair lengths – so be prepared to see everyone rocking this new hue soon! Credit: @lechandeliersalon

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Pumpkin spice hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark pumpkin red hair with brown base, styled into loose curls
Dark pumpkin does exist. Credit: Instagram.com/amvjr78

3. Dark pumpkin spice hair

If you’re a fan of darker shades of red, you’ll be happy to know that dark pumpkin spice hair exists and looks just as incredible as its lighter counterpart.

With a mix of deeper reds, mahogany and pumpkin highlights, this sultry look is all you need to help you reach your #hairgoals! Credit:@amvjr78

side view of a woman with long wavy hair worn in a an orange ombre
Ombre is always a good idea. Credit: Instagram.com/yorcheb

4. Pumpkin spice ombre

The easiest way to rock this trend is to work your pumpkin spice hair colours using ombre or balayage techniques.

These hair colouring techniques are great because they have a far more subtle finish, compared to their bolder colour cousin – highlights. And the best part? You don’t even have to worry about your roots growing out! Credit: @yorcheb

Pumpkin spice hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark brown long bob with pumpkin spice ends, posing outside
Whether you’re blonde or brunette, you can get in on this trend. Credit: Instagram.com/nikthehairchik

5. Pumpkin spice + dark hair

Got dark hair? You can easily tap into pumpkin spice hair by adding richer, auburn hair colours and keeping your roots dark.

Not only will this will help anchor the lighter hues, but it will also perfectly frame your face. One pumpkin spice hair to go please! Credit:

side view of a woman with reddish hair worn straight, wearing sunglasses and a black dress
Blondes need not fear! Credit: Instagram.com/gardiropgurusu

6. Pumpkin spice babylights

If you’re concerned that this hair trend will be too much of a drastic change for your light locks, then you can cast those fears aside.

All you have to do is get some pumpkin spice babylights, which will evenly work in some warmer orange hues throughout the lengths of your hair. Trust us, you’ll instantly look like an autumnal strawberry blondeCredit:@gardiropgurusu

close up shot of woman with curly hair in a burnt orange colour
Curly hair? Bring autumn to your mane with this spicy shade! Credit: Instagram.com/juulialira

7. Pumpkin spice curls

Think having natural curls means you can’t get in on the PSL trend? Well, this curly-haired trendsetter will totally make you think again.

Ideal for brightening up your mane when there’s not enough light during the dark autumn days, this curl-enhancing shade is bound to make your mane a hot topic. Credit: @juulialira

close up shot of woman with pumpkin spice hair colour with a pixie haircut
Pimp up your pixie haircut with this spicy hair colour! Credit: Instagram.com/princessstiefel

8. Pumpkin spice pixie haircut

Pixie cut wearers rejoice! Rocking pumpkin tones with your short mane is an understated way to play with autumnal colours. Need proof? Just take a look at this dreamy picture above and then you’ll understand what we mean.  Credit: @princessstiefel

close up shot of woman with shiny pumpkin spice hair worn long and in loose waves at the end
Channel your inner Jessica Rabbit on your next night our with this sultry shade. Credit: Instagram.com/lakesanu

9. Shiny pumpkin spice hair

Desperate to attain a pumpkin spice hair colour that screams silver screen siren vibes? Then consider going for this showstopping take on the trend.

Whether you choose to rock the colour sleek or freshly blown-out, one thing is for sure: you’ll look like Jessica Rabbit 24/7. Credit: @lakesanu

backshot of woman with pumpkin spice colour in an ombre, worn straight
Seeing red? Us too! Credit: Instagram.com/kevindikk

10. Pumpkin spice colour melt

Working in a mixture of pumpkin orange, golden blonde and red wine highlights (like this PSL fan has done) will give you a unique shade that looks as beautiful as an autumn sunrise.

Rest assured, when you pair this surreal-looking shade with a sleek style, you’ll make your mane look like a masterpiece. Credit: @kevindikk

backshot of woman with pumpkin spice hair that's been styled into a half up half down fishtail braid
Wondering how pumpkin spice hair will look when styled? Here’s an example! Credit: Instagram.com/kimberlymariestylist

11. Pumpkin spice hair + half-up, half-down fishtail braid

Have you always wondered what pumpkin spice hair would like when styled? Just look at how this mega-babe has fashioned her pumpkin locks into a half-up, half-down fishtail braid! Not only does the woven braid enhance the look of her spicy hue, but she also manages to show off her lengthy tresses, too. Credit: @kimberlymariestylist


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