Pokémon Go-inspired hair (yes, that’s a thing now!)

Why just play Pokémon when you can practically become one?  

We’re guessing you’ve probably heard about Pokémon Go, the latest tech app taking the gaming world by storm. Taking place in the real world, users are encouraged to explore their city and catch new Pokémon (sounds unreal, right?).

The Pokémon comeback has been so popular that we’ve even seen a fun new hair trend emerge: Pokémon-inspired hair (yep, it’s really a thing). Discover our fave Pokémon Go-inspired hairstyles below!

Pokémon Go-inspired hairstyles

back view of a woman with bright yellow ombre hair with dark roots and two braids
Come on, Pikachu is everyone’s fave, right? Credit: Instagram.com/pikachu-chitaeseau

Pikachu, I choose you!

The game’s most popular Pokémon is arguably Pikachu (you know, the cute-looking, yellow creature with long ears). Now, when we imagine Pikachu in hair-form, we think electric yellow strands, and this Instagrammer seems to agree.

This picture of bold yellow ombre hue that’s reminiscent of the Pokémon creature, but instead of long, pointy ears, she’s opted for two pretty half-up, half-down Dutch braids! Cute, right? Credit: @chitabeseau

back view of a woman with long wavy hair in an ombre style, starting with dark blue at the top and flowing into light, seafoam green at the tips
Are you a Water type?Credit: Instagram.com/hair-princess-steph

Go, Bulbasaur!

Grass creature Bulbasaur is renowned for his blue-green appearance. And what better way to ooze Bulbasaur vibes than opting for a striking blue-to-green ombre mane?

The gorgeous, flowing waves work perfectly with the bold combination of colours, and really mimic the movement of grass. Clever, huh? Credit: @hair-princess-steph

woman with her head bowed showing off her pokemon ball headband in her chocolate brown hair
Gotta catch ’em all! Credit: Instagram.com/ladytsundereshop

Poké ball headband

If you want to prove your love to Pokémon, but you’re not quite willing to dye your tresses, then opt for a simple Poké Ball-inspired headband.

Simply place it in the centre of your head, so that it sits behind your bangs or side fringe. You’ll be ready to catch ’em all in no time! Credit: @ladytsundereshop

side view of a woman swishing her curly hair, coloured orange and yellow at the top and a mix of blues at the bottom
Why choose just one? Credit: Instagram.com/brooklynp10hair

Fire and water type

Can’t decide whether you prefer the fire or water type Pokémon? Don’t fret: you can show your dedication to both with this quirky hairstyle.

This Instagrammer clearly couldn’t decide which Pokémon to choose so she went with the only logical decision: two-tone hair. Featuring a mixture of orange and yellow hues through the top, and contrasted by cool aquatic blues at the bottom, this style nods to both Water- and Fire-type Pokémon! Credit: @brooklynp10hair

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