How to Do Girl Pirate Hair: Halloween Tutorial

Shiver me timbers!
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Love the idea of nailing pirate hair for Halloween?

We’ve teamed up with Superdrug Loves to show you our favourite Halloween hairstyles and get you into the spirit of scare season.

The perfect mix of spooky and sexy, this messy, girl pirate hair is perfect for Trick or Treating, heading off to a party or just spending a night in watching horror films.

So, are you ready to walk the plank?

Step 1

Prep Your Hair.

Pirate hair is all about messy, windswept texture, so a sea salt spray is essential in helping you to achieve this look.

Start by spritzing the VO5 Sea Salt Spray all over your mane to add a gritty, beachy texture. This will also make braiding easier in the next steps.

Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes spraying vo5 sea salt spray into a brunette model's hair as part of a pirate Halloween hair tutorial
Step 2

Blow Dry Your Hair.

Next, take your hairdryer and use it to dry in the sea salt spray, scrunching as you dry to work in even more texture.

Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes blowdrying a brunette models hair
Step 3

Backcomb the Top of Your Hair.

Take the top section of your hair and separate it from the rest. Use a backcombing brush to add volume at the roots, placing the brush about a 1/3 of the way up the hair and pushing it down to the roots.

Then use the brush to smooth the hair back over the surface for a smooth finish.

Editor’s tip: More on how to tease hair for more volume.


Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes backcombing brunette model's hair
Step 4

Create a 3-strand Braid.

It’s braiding time! Take a small section of hair from underneath and weave it into a classic 3-strand braid.

However, instead of tying it at the bottom with a hairband like you usually would, take your backcombing brush again and gently tease the ends of the hair to seal your braid in place.

Hair stylist Dan Lynes creating a 3 strand braid on a brunette model
Step 5

Create a Fishtail Braid.

Now take another section of hair, this time from around your ear. Work it into a fishtail plait and repeat the backcombing process to hold it in place.

Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes creating a small fishtail braid on a brunette model's hair
Step 6

Create a Rope Braid.

Next, take some hair from around your face and create a rope braid, by dividing the hair into 2 and twisting each section before twisting the 2 twists around each other. Tease the ends into place as before.

Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes creating a twisted rope braid on a brunette model
Step 7

Make a Knotted Braid.

If you’ve made it this far, don’t worry — the end is in sight!

Create your final 3-strand braid as you did in step 4, but this time stop around halfway down the hair and wrap it around itself to create a knot.

Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes creating a knotted braid on a brunette model
Step 8

Spritz Your Braids with Hairspray.

A pirate’s hair is never neat, so add a more dishevelled finish to your look by spraying the TRESemmé Ultimate Shine Hold Hairspray directly onto your braids.

You can also pancake your braids to loosen them slightly and give them a rougher texture.


Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes spraying a brunette model's braids with hairspray
Step 9

Finishing Touches.

Smooth the rest of your hair back over the braids before finishing up with a final, allover spritz of hairspray, using your fingers to lift the hair at the roots for more volume.

Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes spraying a brunette models hair with hairspray
Step 10

Final Look.

And there you have it, you’re ready to take on the seven seas with this sea-worthy, swashbuckling style!

Psst: For added drama, don’t forget that you can also go crazy with the hair accessories for a more authentic pirate look. Hair rings, beads, feathers; this is your chance to show off all of your buried treasure, so go wild!

Brunette model with pirate inspired halloween hair with hidden messy braids

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