How to Pineapple Hair and Get The Best Curls Ever

Find out what pineappling is and how to do it.

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What is the pineapple method? Well, the method gets its name from its obvious likeness to a certain tropical fruit and involves tying up your ringlets into a loose high ponytail like the one pictured, here.

But why do curly girls swear by it? Well, because it’s a cool hairstyle that can be rocked both day and night, which can help reduce the amount of time between wash days and keep your locks safely out of your way.

Anyone with curls will know that sleeping with your hair ‘out’ is risky business that can lead to flat, undefined curls. So, if you want to extend the life of your twist-out or keep your curls perfectly poppin’, here’s how to pineapple hair  (and save yourself from having a bad hair day!).

How To Pineapple Hair

close up shot of black model with a pineapple updo hairstyle, wearing yellow jacket and black top
Want to learn how to do the pineapple method? Here’s what you need to know!

1. We suggest applying a leave-in conditioning mist, like the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist, throughout your strands. This will leave your locks feeling super soft and hydrated, making them easier to handle.

2. Gather all your hair to the crown of your head like you would if you were creating a super-high ponytail, then use a big or stretchy hairband to loosely secure it. Don’t worry, about it falling out, your curls will help keep the hairband in place. Then simply adjust your pineapple, so it’s directly on top of your head. Now, do you understand why it’s called a pineapple?

3. If you have a silk or satin scarf lying around, now’s the time to use it! All you need to do is wrap it around your edges and the back of your head, to help keep the hair protected.

4. Then, get some beauty sleep and that’s it! Since you locks are positioned straight up and you’re rocking a smooth scarf this will limit the amount of friction on your hair. So, you’ll wake up with gorgeous, defined and frizz-free curls!

And now you know how to pineapple like a pro, here are some of our favourite pineapples from Instagram…

How To Wear Pineapple Hair: 3 Ways

close up shot of woman with pineapple updo hairstyle, wearing necklace and pink jumper
No matter the hair accessory, your mane game will be on point! Credit:

Pineapple Updo with Scarf

Love the way your pineapple hairstyle looks with your fave silk or satin scarf at night? Why not extend your love to the day and rock it out and about?

It’ll give off a tonne of vintage vibes, but with minimal effort. Credit: @analidialopess

pineapple method: close up shot of woman with pineapple updo hairstyle, wearing glasses and a T-shirt
Have you always wanted to look like Tinkerbell? Now’s your chance! Credit:

Pineapple Updo + Faux Bangs

Tinkerbell is that you?! If sporting bangs has always been on your mane list, you’ll be happy to know you can fake it till you make it with a pineapple updo.

All you have to do is section off some coils at the front of your hair, then continue to create your high ponytail. Bring the hair from the ponytail forward to cascade into your bangs and there you have it! Credit: @freshlengths

close up shot of woman with pineapple updo hairstyle, wearing a checked shirt and posing
Love braids? You can incorporate braids into the mix! Credit:

Braided Pineapple Updo

Want to up the ante on your hair game? Here’s an easy way to make your pineapple stand out of the crowd: try incorporating plaits into it!

As this Insta beauty shows us, braids take this otherwise simple hairstyle to Pinterest-worthy heights. Credit: @toningtoni

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