Perfect your gym look with Freddy My Love

Reach your PB with the help of this pretty hairstyle.

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Freddy My love with a gym-inspired unicorn braid hairstyle



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On the hunt for a hairstyle that’s perfect for the gym but also pretty? Well, fans of beautiful braids and the classic ponytail will rejoice at the sight of this plait and pony partnership.

And as part of our ongoing mission to beat hair boredom, we’ve enlisted the help of influencer Freddy My Love to help you achieve this perfect gym look. All you need to grab is a can of trusty TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray and a hairband.

So, what are you waiting for – just hit play to learn how to get your gym hair game on point.

How to do Freddy My Love’s perfect gym look


Part hair.

Section your dry hair into 3 by creating a 2-inch wide stripe from your forehead to the nape of your neck.

Secure the side sections with hairbands, this is will keep your hair out of your way while you braid.

Freddy My love Perfect gym hair tutorial: step 1 section hair

Spray hairspray.

Give your hair a little grip and control for the perfect braid by spraying your tresses with the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray.

Freddy holding a hairspray for gym hair tutorial

Start your Dutch braid.

Now it’s time to begin your braid!

To create your Dutch braid, start by taking an inch worth of hair near your forehead. Divide it into 3 equal sections and cross the left strand underneath the middle strand. Then cross the right strand underneath the new middle strand.

Freddy My love Perfect gym hair tutorial: step 3 start Dutch braid

Weave your braid.

Add hair to your left and right strands from underneath as you weave your Dutch braid. Continue to braid your hair until you reach the nape of your neck.

Freddy My love Perfect gym hair tutorial: step 4 Weave Dutch braid

Secure your braid.

Once you’ve weaved your braid to the nape of your neck, secure it with a hairband. Then release both of your side sections of hair.

Freddy My love Perfect gym hair tutorial: step 5 Secure braid with hairband

Gather your hair.

Once you’ve released your side sections of hair, gather all of your hair including the braid into a low ponytail.

Freddy My love Perfect gym hair tutorial: step 6 Gather hair into ponytail

Create a semi loop.

Secure your hair with a hairband, looping your hair through to create a perfectly undone look.

Freddy My love Perfect gym hair tutorial: step 7 Create loose semi loop

Final look.

Finally, finish off your look with another mist of TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray and fluff out the hair to make it look cute and casual.

Freddy My love Perfect gym hair tutorial: step 8 adjust hair and pull out some pieces


You Will Need

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