nicki minaj rocking long hair in pairs wearing all black

Nicki Minaj rocks really long hair at Paris Fashion Week

Make way for the Queen of Long Locks!!  

Nicki Minaj has always been a fan of long hairstyles (remember her mesmerising look for the TIDAL X: 1015 event?), and recently graced Paris Fashion Week with her go-to sleek, long mane. However, last night the American rapper took her regular hairstyle to new heights – or should we say lengths!

With the help of some trusty hair extensions, Nicki debuted really long hair (we’re talking ankle-length here!) and we’re positive that Rapunzel would be seriously jealous of her new ‘do.

If you’re yet to see her latest mane transformation, just keep scrolling…

We’re loving Nicki Minaj’s really long hair

nicki minaj with really long hair, fur jacket wearing all black street style shot
Nicki Minaj sports really long hair on a night out in Paris. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

With Rapunzel-hair fast becoming the hairstyle du jour, we’re sure that Nicki felt the need to experiment with her mane, and go for something really dramatic for Paris Fashion Week. And, as you can see from the picture above, her trademark sleek long mane has been upgraded to a much longer, wavier version.

For the fashion event, the star paired her really long hair with a fur jacket, a black bralet and a skirt that matched her shiny mane’s dark colour.We can’t imagine how long it took Nicki to achieve those gorgeous lived-in beachy waves, but we do think this is one of her most edgy looks to date!

And, now that her tresses are really long, we wonder if she’ll take inspiration from Beyoncé or Shay Mitchell, and choose to rock a long braided hairstyle next!


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