Stylish new hair trends from Instagram you should know about

Arianna | 07 July 2016

Your chance to stay ahead of the hair game.

Another day, another hair trend. Here at All Things Hair HQ, it’s our job to sniff out the next big thing, so that we can tell you about it first! And it just so happens that we’ve got not one, but five amazing new hair trends from Instagram to share with you.

From jewel decorations and watermelon ombre to pixelated fringes (we’ll explain later!), we’ve got it all covered. So, read on and discover some of the coolest new hair trends now.

5 New hair trends from Instagram


pixelated bangs new hair trends from Instagram
New hair trends: Pixelated bangs. Credit:

Pixelated bangs

If you think bangs are boring, think again! We stumbled across this funky hair design on Instagram and were totally blown away. The techy, pixelated designs make a huge hair statement that bangs are back again and they’re cooler than ever. (Note that to pull off this look, you’ll need to have a full, blunt fringe.) You can opt for a number of colour combinations and designs, just ask your hairdresser to focus all of the detail on your bangs and you’ll be ready to rock’n’roll in no time. Credit: @xpresioncreativos

watermelon new hair trends
New hair trends: Watermelon hair. Credit:

Watermelon hair

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: watermelon hair really is a thing this summer. For a funky twist on traditional ombre hair, look to our favourite tropical fruit for inspiration (because, well, why not?)!

We’re kind of obsessed with @merpiremusic‘s watermelon-inspired hair, which has been taking the Instagram world by storm. Her colour transitions from pastel green to icy white to coral pink, mimicking the exact colouring of the inside of a watermelon. Pretty cool, right?

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jewelled new hair trends
New hair trends: Jewelled hair. Credit:

Jewelled hair

Bring an element of glam to your boxer braids or French plait by blinging them up with some dazzling hair jewellery! Available in clip-in and stick-on forms, hair jewellery is fast becoming a new craze on Instagram. Try placing your hair jewellery on your parting to make it look less bare and more festival-ready in an instant. Credit: @cosmoprofbeauty

sewing into hair new hair trends
New hair trends: Sewing into hair. Credit:

Sewing into hair

Not into hair jewellery? Don’t worry, you can just sew into your hair instead. This wacky hair trend involves interweaving thread into your braids to create a pretty pattern. With this one, the hair possibilities are endless: as seen above, you can even create your very own faux thread fringe! All you need is a thread, a steady hand, and a lot of patience! Credit: @xpresioncreativos

secret mermaid new hair trends
New hair trends: Secret mermaid hair. Credit:

Secret mermaid hair

Ever wanted to be a mermaid? Well, now you can, thanks to this magical new hair trend. Instead of the traditional mermaid hair, which involves dyeing your whole head an array of different colours, this new variation of the trend is focused on just the underneath section of your mane. Want the look? Just ask your colourist to dye the underneath section of your tresses different mermaid-inspired colours (think greens, peaches, blues and lilacs). The result will be an enchanted look that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go. Credit: @glamhairbymarie

Which of these cool new hair trends is your favourite?

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