Disney princess modern hairstyles: Instagram inspiration

Arianna | 10 September 2016

Never let anyone tell you you’re not a princess!

Is it your dream to become a real life Disney princess? Well, now you can make that dream a reality – and all without even setting foot in Disneyland. Yep, that’s right, you can embody your favourite animated character by giving your fave princess ‘do a contemporary twist! Have a scroll through our gallery above for some magical hair ideas and learn more about each of these modern hairstyles below. Trust us, you’ll have enchanted hair in no time!

Disney princess: Modern hairstyles


Modern hairstyles: disney hair princess jasmine
Modern hairstyles: Jasmine. Credit: Instagram.com/thefashionisha

Aladdin’s Jasmine

Arabian princess Jasmine has a very enviable head of hair to say the least. Inspired by her signature puffy ponytail, this Instagrammer has gone one step further and opted for two bobble ponytails. Note that for this style you need rather long, fairy-tale like locks (but don’t worry if you have short hair, you can always get a helping hand from some extensions – or a genie!).

Editor’s tip: Remember to opt for a neat middle parting to ooze princess Jasmine vibes, and for an extra pop of colour, pepper some flowers into your ponytail for an added glam effect! Credit: @thefashionisha

Modern hairstyles: disney princess frozen elsa
Modern hairstyles: Frozen’s Elsa. Credit: Instagram.com/heatherchapmanhair

Frozen’s Elsa

Elsa’s snow queen hairstyle became a sensation when Frozen debuted worldwide – instantly coveted by kids and adults alike. Maybe it was her bleach blonde locks, or perhaps it was her enchanted looking braid: either way, she’s definitely a hair heroine in our eyes!

Reinvent her spellbinding ‘do with this exaggerated Dutch plait, which has been pancaked for extra volume and drama! Even if you don’t have blonde hair, you can still totally pull off this look, but we reckon’ that it looks especially stunning on highlighted hair – the weaving of the braid will help give your colour lots of dimensions! Credit: @heatherchapmanhair

Modern hairstyles: snow white disney
Modern hairstyles: Snow White. Credit: Instagram.com/nikita_andrianova

Snow White

Known for her pale skin, piercing eyes and dark hair, Snow White definitely has a distinct look. And it just so happens that we stumbled across our vision of the modern day princess, when we saw Instagrammer Nikita’s pics. She switched up Snow White’s classic, clean-cut black bob for a more edgy, rock’n’roll version.

The key to nailing this look is to add in loads of texture – try the VO5 Give Me Texture Rough & Sexy Sea Salt Spray (£3.99*) for a sassy finish. See, we always knew that Snow White was a goth-glam queen deep down! Credit: @nikita_andrianova

Modern hairstyles: cinderella hair
Modern hairstyles: Cinderella. Credit: Instagram.com/stylemepretty


Perhaps the most famous Disney princess of them all, Cinderella’s golden locks are often styled into a high bun and accessorised with a blue headband. And as much as we love this rags-to-riches character, we think the look is due a modern update. Fear not though, because we’ve discovered this stunning braided chignon, that’s simply perfect for every girl at the ball (just remember to be home by midnight)! Credit: @stylemepretty

Don’t forget to give your finished look a spritz of VO5 Classic Styling Ultimate Hold Hairspray (400ml, £3.29*) to ensure your princess ‘do stays looking perfect all night long!

Modern hairstyles: the little mermaid inspired hair red
Modern hairstyles: The Little Mermaid’s Ariel. Credit: Instagram.com/jennygotografiebeauty

The Little Mermaid’s Ariel

Mermaid vibes are so in for 2016 and it’s all thanks to Ariel. To bring her classic red hair into the 21st century, try merging two red hues together with the balayage technique – the two colours will work together to really enhance the boldness of this ‘do. For inspiration, take a look at this Instagrammer’s fiery red and orange mane, which falls into luscious, tumbling waves! You won’t want to hide under the sea with this look. Credit: @jennygotografiebeauty

Remember: Whenever you dye your tresses, don’t forget to invest in try a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for colour-treated hair, like the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Colour Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner (both 500ml, £3.69*). 

Modern hairstyles: disney princesses mulan
Modern hairstyles: Mulan. Credit: Instagram.com/sadahsaltzman


For the majority of her adventure, Mulan’s Asian locks are styled into a neat, military-inspired high bun. But we reckon’ that a warrior like Mulan can be a bit more experimental with her hairdo. Cue these off-centre braids, which come complete with a fashionable deep side part. Now that’s much more suitable for Disney heroine! Credit: @sadahsaltzman

Modern hairstyles: tiana afro hair
Modern hairstyles: The Princess and the Frog’s Tiana. Credit: Instagram.com/ronkeraji

The Princess and the Frog’s Tiana

High buns seem to be a firm favourite with Disney princesses – and princess Tiana is no exception! But for the modern-day girl, a simple bun just won’t suffice: instead, opt for a volumised afro bun, like makeup artist Ronke Raji. Your natural hair will be kept off your face, so you’re free to be the awesome princess you are – all without kissing a single frog! Credit: @ronkeraji

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