The Miley Cyrus hair journey: 5 Drastic looks she’s rocked over the past year

She's certainly not afraid to experiment, we'll tell you that!

Yesterday marked American actress and singer Miley Cyrus‘ 24th birthday. And while the star is still pretty young, we’ve definitely seen a tonne of drastic Miley Cyrus hair makeovers take place in a mere 24 years. Yep, since rising to fame on Disney’s hit TV show Hannah Montana, Miley has experimented with blonde, brown, multicoloured, long and short hair (and everything in between!).

So, to celebrate Miley’s belated birthday (and to treat you, too!), we’ve decided to chart the star’s drastic hairstyle choices over the past year. Trust us: there have been plenty – see for yourself below!

5 Miley Cyrus hair transformations from the past year


Miley Cyrus hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - celebrity Instagram bleach blonde fringe
Miley Cyrus hair chart: Bleach blonde fringe. Credit:

Miley Cyrus hair style #1: Bleach blonde fringe

When Miley posted this bare-faced picture of herself on her social media account, we couldn’t help but think that she was back to her Disney ways. Maybe it was the blonde fringe that’s strikingly similar to the hairstyle sported by Hannah Montana that got us reminiscing about the good old days.

Miley Cyrus hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - celebrity Instagram multicoloured rainbow braids
Miley Cyrus hair chart: Multicoloured braids. Credit:

Miley Cyrus hair style #2: Multicoloured braids

Since she exited the Hannah Montana show, Miley has let loose and shown off a more colourful side to her personality (ok, slight understatement!). Plus, she’s experimented with a number of different hair and makeup choices – one being rainbow braids (which we loved, by the way!). These multicoloured braids – in shades of blue, green, yellow and silver – strikingly contrast Miley’s bright pink brows and lipstick. Pretty cool, we have to admit.

Miley Cyrus hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - celebrity Instagram ombre updo messy
Miley Cyrus hair chart: Messy ombre updo. Credit:

Miley Cyrus hair style #3: Messy ombre updo

Over the years, the star has also sported her fair share of updos. Most recently, she was spotted rocking a messy ombre bun, which looks kinda cute, actually! In the above picture, which was posted to Instagram, the hair on Miley’s scalp is a dark shade of brown, while her bun is a much brighter blonde. To add to the undone, messy look of her bun, a few loose tendrils have been pulled free from near her face. And of course, no Miley Cyrus look would be complete without a compulsory tongue-sticking out pose, right?

Miley Cyrus hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - celebrity Instagram blonde braided buns
Miley Cyrus hair chart: Braided buns. Credit:

Miley Cyrus hair style #4: Braided buns

We reckon that the 24-year-old star was inspired by Princess Leia when she decided to sport these edgy double buns. Taking a nod to the ’90s hair trend, Miley stepped out last December with blonde, rope braided buns, making everyone (including us!) do a double take.

Miley Cyrus hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - blonde braids long celebrity Instagram
Miley Cyrus hair chart: Blonde braids. Credit:

Miley Cyrus hair style #5: Blonde braids

Evidently, Miley was a big fan of her blonde braids, because she was also seen sporting them down and free-flowing. Taking to Instagram to show off her ultra long locks, Miley parted her braids down the centre, and styled them into a half-up, half-down hairstyle. We’re not quite sure they’re a match made in heaven with those pink brows, though. But hey, each to their own, right? Credit: @mileycyrus

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