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Lottie Tomlinson debuts emoji-inspired hair tapestry

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It’s time to take tapestry to your tresses.

Whenever we’re on the hunt for new, fun beauty trends, we always look to Instagram star Lottie Tomlinson for inspiration. And guess what? While we were scrolling through her Instagram feed yesterday, we spotted something pretty cool, and it comes in the form of an emoji-inspired hair tapestry! While regular hair tapestries have been around for quite a while, this is the first time we’ve ever seen an emoji woven onto hair. Want to learn more about this ‘hairmoji’? Keep on scrolling, then!

We love Lottie Tomlinson’s hair tapestry

Lottie Tomlinson hair tapestry long blonde hair
Lottie Tomlinson debuts emoji-inspired hair tapestry. Credit:

Taking to Instagram to showcase her hair tapestry, Lottie posted the above picture. It features a close-up of the smiley face with heart eyes emoji pattern on her bleach blonde locks. Now, if you’re not quite sure how this tapestry was created, don’t fret: neither were we, until we did a little bit of research! And what we discoveed was that to create hair tapestries, you need to intricately weave the hair with coloured thread to create specific patterns. Credit: @lottietomlinson

The tapestries can be as little, or as large, as you like. Plus, you can work in a variety of different coloured threads to really help bring your pattern to life! If you ask us, the great thing about hairmojis is that you can literally wear your expressions on your head. So, whether you’re happy, sad, angry, or excited, you better get weaving!


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02 February 2017