Top LGBTQ+ Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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It’s easier than ever to tap into and connect with the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you’re looking for queer joy, the latest lesbian club nights or advice on how to come out, we’re marking LGBT History Month with our favourite Instagram accounts.

Rose & Roxetera

Rose Dix with shoulder length light brown hair and Roxetera with long blonde hair.
Will Rose and Rosie be your new binge watch? Credit:

Who are they?

Rose Dix and her bi-sexual girlfriend Rosie have become YouTube sensations and book authors thanks to their honest and hilarious content. With videos on coming out as gay to their parents to documenting their wedding day, their channel openly discusses LGBTQ+ issues and offers relationship advice.

Why you should follow them

“Rose and Rosie are honestly one of my favourite LGBTQ+ influencers. Such a power couple. They are hilarious, real, and my GF and I binge-watch their videos whenever we want a good laugh.” – Saby, Influencer and Outreach Manager

Follow their Instagram accounts (@roseellendix & @roxetera), for an inside look into their adorable relationship, from holiday snaps and pictures of their White Terrier dog Wilma to updates on their YouTube channel.

Teddy Edwardes

Terry Edwardes with brown hair in bun updo wearing dungarees
See you at the next LICK event. Credit:

Who is she?

Teddy appeared on Channel 4’s First Dates and was nominated for the LGBT+ Online Influencer award at the 2019 British LGBT Awards. @teddyedwardes

Why you should follow her

Model turned entrepreneur Teddy Edwardes is the creator of LICK Events, a women’s only club night that promotes body positivity and freedom of expression in a safe space for gay, bi, queer and trans women. Follow her to keep up to date with her latest club nights.

Jake and Hannah Graf

Hannah and Jake Graf hugging in front of a Pride flag
Being judged by society is something people can never really be ready for.

Who are they?

Married couple Jake and Hannah have been dubbed ‘the trans power couple’. Hannah was an officer at the British Army while husband Jake is a writer, actor and director. @jake_graf5 @hannahw253

Why you should follow them?

Follow them for an inside look into their LGBTQ+ work, from hosting events to public speaking on daytime TV and general couple goal pics.

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Melanie Murphy

Melanie Murphy with shoulder length straight brown hair.
Find your best self with Melanie. Credit:

Who is she?

Melanie Murphy is a bisexual Irish lifestyle YouTuber and was named Blogosphere’s Influencer of the Year in 2018. She’s the author of Fully Functioning Human (Almost) and her second book If Only is due to be released this summer. @melaniemurphy 

Why you should follow her

She’s passionate about self-care, wellness and finding new ways to be her best self.

“I’ve been watching Melanie Murphy for years, her videos about bisexuality have been so helpful for me. Her Irish accent is gorgeous, along with her realness and body positivity – we need more of that!” – Saby, Influencer and Outreach Manager

Riyadh Khalaf

Riyadh Khalaf with undercut swept back dark blonde hair.
You’ll love Riyadh’s Irish charm. Credit:

Who is he?

YouTube and presenter Riyadh Khalaf uses his platform to talk about his experience being a gay man growing up in Ireland and in turn, has gained a huge following from the LGBTQ+ community. @riyadhk

Why you should follow him

For tips and advice on how to educate young people on what it means to be apart of the LGBTQ+ community and how to deal with coming out as a gay man.

Zander Hodgson & Troy Pes

Troy Pes and Zander Hodgson outside monument in Jordan
Couple goals. Credit:

Who are they?

LGBTQ+ champions Zander and boyfriend Troy are models who use their huge Instagram following to document their openly gay relationship and speak on environmental issues. @zanderhodgson @troypes

Why you should follow them

“They are always pushing the message of self-love and expression and don’t hold back about showing their affection for each other on the channels. They also speak out about sustainability and environmental issues which we definitely need more of!” – Steven, Global Editor

Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe Bergdorf with light caramel curly hair.
Break down stereotypes with Munroe. Credit:

Who is he?

Munroe Bergdorf is a British model and activist and LGBTQ+ Editor at Dazed Beauty. As a trans woman, she is very vocal about individuality and diversity and regularly makes appearances on daytime TV shows to discuss topics around LGBTQ+. @munroebergdorf

Why you should follow her

Munroe’s Instagram account is a mix of glamours photoshoots and messages about body positivity. She doesn’t shy away from confronting major issues and uses her voice and platform to publicise injustices within the LGBTQ+ community.

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