Latest hairstyles for women we can’t wait to try

2016's finest cuts coming your way!

There’s no denying, that this year has seen some rather incredible hairstyles, rocked both on and off the runway! And since we’re not quite ready to wave goodbye to these lovely looks, we thought we’d bring you a round-up of the latest hairstyles for women, that we’re currently crushing on!

From short crops to blunt cuts, there are just so many amazing ‘dos to try, yet so little time to rock them! However, if we all band together, we can surely work every single one of the fashion-forward looks on the list below. So, read on, and take your pick of the very best hairstyles that 2016 has to offer! Let’s do this.

Take a look at the latest hairstyles for women you should be rocking


Latest hairstyles for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - brown shaggy hair cropped
Latest hairstyles for women: Textured shag. Credit:

Textured shag

Shag haircuts have taken to the world stage this year, bringing with them a wealth of versatile variations, that can be adapted to suit nearly every face shape! But the cut that has become the most popular (especially among the A-Listers), has to be the textured shag.

All about embracing your hair’s natural texture, this perfectly-undone look can still be worked in a number of different ways – from choppy layers to feathered fringes, you can rock it however you want! Just remember to style your shag with a little of the VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray, for a lovely roughed-up finish.

Latest hairstyles for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - blonde wavy shaggy hair
Latest hairstyles for women: Choppy lob. Credit:

The choppy lob

The graduated bob just got a whole lot cooler with this fresh, choppier incarnation. Unlike many other women’s hairstyles, this cut feels utterly effortless, and is more about embracing a relaxed aesthetic, rather than aiming for a perfectly pristine blow out.

Kept longer in the front and shorter in the back, the choppy lob (AKA a long bob) also incorporates a few layers through the cut, and can be easily pulled together with a spritz of the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray.

Latest hairstyles for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - blunt medium length cut fringe
Latest hairstyles for women: Blunt cut. Credit:

The blunt cut

Tried a layered look but found it’s not quite for you? Then perhaps your style would benefit from an ultra blunt cut, instead? An ideal look for a shoulder-length or mid-length hair, the blunt cut gives your tresses a neat and fashion-forward edge, that is sure to earn you instant style points. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your straighteners and get styling!

Latest hairstyles for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - soft fringe long brunette brown hair
Latest hairstyles for women: Soft fringe. Credit:

Soft fringe

Want to refresh your mane for the new season ahead, but don’t want to chop off all your locks? Then you need to add a lovely fringe to your look. Bangs are forever on our style radar, but right now, we happen to think opting for a softer, more laid-back fringe is the way forward! Pair your bangs with some face framing layers for a truly flattering look, and use a curling wand on air dried hair, to style your fringe into shape.

Latest hairstyles for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - trapezoid afro
Latest hairstyles for women: Trapezoid afro.

Trapezoid cut

If you want to try a new style, yet are reluctant to part with too many of your luscious curls, then a trapezoid cut could be your new BFF! Simply by tapering the bottom parts of your hair and keeping the height at the top, this style gives a lighter and more easy-to-wear option for your natural hair. And our top expert trick? Switch up the position of your parting, for a nifty way to change the appearance of your look.

Latest hairstyles for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - red ginger hair twisted half up half down
Latest hairstyles for women: Twisted styles. Credit:

Twisted styles

While braids are still holding sway over our collective hearts, twisted styles are definitely making a striking impression – not to mention giving a great alternative to plaited strands! Try taking 2 sections of hair from either side of your head, twisting them, and fastening them at the back of your head for a contemporary half-up ‘do. Or, if you have really long locks, weave multiple pieces of hair to make a statement twisted rope. Seriously, these styles take a matter of seconds to create and look totally on trend!

Latest hairstyles for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - textured ballerina bun
Latest hairstyles for women: Textured ballerina bun. Credit: Allyson Alapont.

Teased ballerina bun

Love the classic ballerina bun, but after something with a more relaxed vibe? Well, don’t compromise on your favourite style, just give it a bit of a revamp, by teasing your strands before styling! All it takes it to create your usual sleek ponytail, backcombing it for extra volume, and twisting it around the base to form the bun. Then pull a few tendrils of hair free to frame your face, and finish with a spritz of the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray, for a look that holds all day!


And there you have it, the latest hairstyles for women that we’re dying to try! So, did you find the hairdo of your dreams? No? Well, fret not: because there are even more incredible looks to choose from over on our New Hairstyles page.

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