7 latest hair trends you should know about now

Jeanette | 29 May 2016

Pierced braids, hair gems or flower braids – which will you pick?

If you’re anything like us, you’re always curious to find out what latest hair trends are. But with new colours, techniques and unexpected ways of styling bursting on to the scene everyday, even we’ll be the first to admit, it’s kinda hard to keep up, right? However, thanks to the amazing invention that is Instagram, it’s becoming ever easier to spot new and exciting things cropping up in the hair world as they happen.

Though of course, you’ll still have to trawl through hundreds and thousands of photos – as well as know exactly what you’re looking for – to actually discover anything these days. So how about we make your life a little bit easier by bringing them straight to you?

Still interested to know what’s hot for 2016? Then keep scrolling for our edit of 7 of the latest hair trends you should know about now.

The latest hair trends you should know about according to Instagram


Afro blooming Insta dazhaneleahphotos
Afro Bloomin’. Credit: Instagram.com/dazhaneleahphotos

Latest hair trends: Afro Bloomin’

This hair trend was inspired by a photography series by natural-haired blogger Dazhane Leah from North West London. The series is called “Afro Bloomin'”, and is the first segment of Leah’s Black Power Series. It celebrates natural afro hair with large, full ‘fros decorated with pretty bohemian blooms.

And while Leah’s floral afros were created through clever montage techniques, we suspect this one will become big for summer festivals and weddings alike. Credit: @dazhaneleahphotos

Funfetti. Credit: hairbykelleycover
Funfetti. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbykelleycover

Latest hair trends: Funfetti

Aptly named because of its resemblance to Funfetti rainbow-coloured sprinkles, the great thing about this hair colour trend is that you can make it as bold or as subtle as you like. So, if you’re looking for the new ombre, this one would be it.

Work vibrant rainbow colours all over for a statement-making look, or go for barely-there pastel hues, mixed in with your natural base for more subtle results – the choice is yours. And if you’re looking for something more, ahem, office-friendly, you can apply your funfetti hair colour as underlights, too. Credit: @hairbykelleycover

Editor’s tip: Want to maintain the vibrancy of your Funfetti hair colour for as long as possible? Swap out your normal wash and care system for a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for coloured hair, such as the TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo and Conditioner

Latest hair trends, Glitter and confetti. Credit: @eboneeshanay
Glitter and confetti. Credit: Instagram.com/eboneeshanay

Latest hair trends: Glitter and confetti

We saw the trend for glitter and confetti emerge at the end of last year, with lots of trendsetters decorating their partings and manes for special occasions. It’s still going strong for 2016, so if you’re playing catch-up, there’s still plenty of time to try it out, don’t worry.

Just apply a little VO5 Classic Styling Mega Hold Gel Spray to your hair and parting (where you want the glitter to stick to) and then sprinkle glitter on top. Drawing inspiration from Ashish’s spring/summer 2016 LFW runway show, confetti takes the look a little bit further. Just be prepared to shine bright like a diamond – and find glitter practically everywhere for the next few weeks. Credit: @eboneeshanay

Latest hair trends, patterned undercut Credit: @runtoburnthecrazyof
Patterned undercut. Credit: Instagram.com/runtoburnthecrazyoff

Latest hair trends: Patterned undercut

Ok, before you balk at this hair trend, hear us out. We’re not suggesting you shave a portrait of your cat into your hair (although you might actually want to), but we have to admit, it’s kinda cool.

You’re right, it’s probably not for the faint-hearted, but because of its discreet placement, it’s easy to conceal or reveal whenever you want. So now, are you thinking of having your cat shaved into your undercut? Credit: @runtoburnthecrazyoff

Latest hair trends, Pierced braids. Credit @iamannacailli
Pierced braids. Credit: Instagram.com/iamannacailli

Latest hair trends: Pierced braids

Jewellery for your hair? Frankly, we’re gutted that we didn’t think this up ourselves! The best part is, of course, that piercing your braid is completely painless! To tap into the trend, simply weave decorative hoops into your plaits, wherever you want.

And if you need more #hairspiration, check out Christina Aguilera; she returned to The Voice rocking a lovely lavender ‘do with a pretty fierce pierced braid. Credit: @iamannacailli

Latest hair trends, flower braids, credit @hair_name_is_rio
Flower braids. Credit: Instagram.com/hair_name_is_rio

Latest hair trends: Flower braids

So, we’ve seen a hair trend with Photoshopped blooms, and now we’re also seeing people recreating the beauty of flowers with their hair! Sounds and looks complicated, right?

Rest assured, they’re easy as eating pie. Plus, there are a variety of styles – ranging from simple flower buns to intricate garlands – to choose from. Pretty, aren’t they? Credit: @hair_name_is_rio

Latest hair trends, hair-gems. Credit @scunci_hair
Hair-gems. Credit: Instagram.com/scunci_hair

Latest hair trends: Hair gems

Think that glitter and confetti are a little too much? Then hair gems might be more up your street. These pretty, decorative gems have a far more carefully curated look (this trend sees sparkly little hair accessories placed on the hair in fun and cute formations) and they won’t create as much of a mess. Now all you have to do is decide on whether you want studs, stars, dots or hearts! Credit: @scunci_hair


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