kat von d with dyed red hair holding a vinyl record with purple nails and stars on her face

Kat Von D has red hair – and we love it!

Say bye-bye to those signature black locks...  

Breaking news: tattoo artist and makeup guru Kat Von D has red hair (and a bob)! Typically seen with her signature black mane, the American entrepreneur opted for a new fiery red hue as part of a photoshoot showcasing her new makeup range (which is vegan, FYI!).

Keep reading to get the lowdown on her new look.

A shade above the rest: Kat Von D rocks red hair!

kat von d with jet black hair wearing a navy woollen hat and blue lipstick
Kat Von D usually has jet black hair. Credit: Instagram.com/thekatvond

We have to say, we were quite shocked to see that Kat Von D had switched up her hair colour, seeing as she’s always papped out and about with fierce, jet-black locks. But that’s not all, she’s also shunned her signature loose waves and curls in favour of a cool, shaggy bob! Credit: @thekatvond

kat von d with dyed red hair holding a vinyl record with purple nails and stars on her face
Kat Von D has red hair! Credit: Instagram.com/katvondbeauty

The above picture was posted on her makeup range’s Instagram page, showing off the star’s new (and dare we say, improved) red mane! We have to admit, such a bright hue is pretty hard to pull off, but if anyone could do it, it’s definitely Kat.

In the picture, her red bob featured lots of choppy layers and an ultra deep side parting. She also matched her lipstick colour to her hair, proving that the red lip and mane combo is a match made in heaven. But the best thing about her new ‘do? It really enhances her unique face tattoos – she’s seriously nailed this look on so many levels! Credit: @katvondbeauty

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