Is Janelle Monae sending hidden messages through her hair?

Hmm, what is she up to?  

While promoting her critically-acclaimed film Hidden Figures, which is based upon the story of an African-American mathematician that helped NASA catch up in the Space Race, singer and actress Janelle Monae has rocking numerous quirky hairstyles.

Yet while we originally put this down to her playful sense of style, it has been suggested that there is more to these funky ‘dos than meets the eye…

Apparently, Miss Monae has been using her accessorised mane to send hidden messages to us – we know, we could hardly believe it either! So, if you’re intrigued as to why she’s been doing this, keep on scrolling and find out more.

Janelle Monae wearing her hair in an updo on the red carpet with gold wiring pulled through
Is Janelle Monae sending hidden messages through her hair? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Over the past few weeks, Janelle Monae has sported edgy space buns with stick-on-eyes, an updo with gold hair wire, and most recently, a bun accessorised with white safety pins!

Taking to Instagram, Janelle posted a collage of all 3 hairstyles mentioned, captioning the image with the words: “From the Eyes, to the Gold Wire, and then to the White Safety Pins… Can you guess what messages? am sending and speaking through my hair?” 

Now, to be completely honest, the All Things Hair team are yet to solve the mystery of Janelle’s secret messages – but the second we find out, we’ll hit you up. We’re onto you, Janelle!




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