How to Marie Kondo your hair products (and spark joy!)

Because you deserve to have a #KonMari moment!

Whether you’ve read her hit book or seen Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying on Netflix, there’s no denying that her famous KonMari method has set off a decluttering craze around the world. Not sure what it is? This magical method involves looking at your connection to an item, and deciding whether it ‘sparks joy’ or not. And, if it doesn’t, you can kindly thank and bid it adieu!

Now, we’ve got to be honest: decluttering your entire home/wardrobe following Marie Kondo’s principles is a big task. Which is why we think organising the things you use on your hair every day is easier to start with…

How to Marie Kondo your hair: Flat lay of Unilever products, including Nexxus, Tresemme, Toni&Guy
How do you know what sparks joy? Just think about how it benefits your strands. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Tackle categories

Ready to begin the art of decluttering? Instead of tackling your hair clutter by room, Marie Kondo suggests dealing with every one of your items all at once, to stop them from creeping from room to room.

So, we suggest you raid your bedroom, bathroom and anywhere else you hide your holy grail hair products, and then begin to categorise them by what they do for your strands.

By grouping types of item together (all the dry shampoos you own, for example), you’ll able to compare the same types of things side-by-side and easily figure out what sparks joy.

2. Only keep things that ‘spark joy’

The next part of the KonMari method advises you pick up each item and ask yourself whether it ‘sparks joy’ and benefits you. Does that brand new conditioner meant for thick hair really help your fine strands? Is that half empty hair mask you got for Christmas two years ago still in date? If the answer is no, you know what to do.

Thank the product for its service and throw it away if it is out of date, or donate it to a charity (we love Beauty Banks!) if its brand new and unused.  You know what this means, right? You can start thinking about what is missing from your hair wardrobe and work to replenish it.

3. Designate a special place for each thing

Once you’ve sorted out the things to discard and put them through the ‘spark joy’ test, you can move onto the fun part: finding a place to put all the things that make your hair happy.

Whether it’s on that pretty pink bathroom shelf or a spot in your glam room, placing your favourite products in a designated area will limit your chance of building clutter again, and make it easier for you to see what is running out.

The best part? Because you followed step two and sorted through each item by its category, all you need to do is place them next to each other in their shiny new place.

4. Appreciate your possessions

The most rewarding thing about the KonMari method? It teaches you to appreciate your possessions and even suggests you to thank them after using them. Why? because they work hard to help us achieve the look we want.

So, whether it’s that mane-changing serum or a heat protect that helps you avoid heat damage, appreciating what each item does will help you make the most out of it (and keep your tresses seriously happy).

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