How to Get Glamorous Pop Art Hair for Halloween

Be a real-life piece of Roy Lichtenstein pop art with our Halloween hair tutorial.  
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From scream queen styles, mystical unicorn-inspired tresses and swashbuckling pirate hair (yes really!) we’re never short of great Halloween hair ideas. And today, we’re teaming up with Superdrug Loves to bring you a pop art-inspired Halloween hair look that’s sure to have all other Trick or Treaters green with envy.

So, simply watch the video above, or keep scrolling for more detailed steps on how to get this glamorous and dramatic hairdo.


Prep and Section Hair.

Begin your cartoon kid look by applying the TRESemme Volume & Lift Mousse onto damp hair and working it through with a hairdryer to active the product. This will give the hair the hold and volume you will need for the next step.

Now section the hair by using the tail end of a brush, starting from the top of each ear until you reach the centre (as you would with a half-up, half- down hairstyle). Then brush your front section forward, or secure it with a hairband if it’s easier.


Begin to Set the Hair.

Taking a roller width amount of hair from the top of the back section, comb through your strands to get rid of any pesky tangles.

Mist this section with a light-hold hairspray (like the TONI&GUY Body Amplify Creation Hairspray) and gently tease at the root. By teasing this section of hair, you will create the foundation for perfect cartoon kid volume.


Create Your First Curl.

Now you have sprayed and backcombed your first section of hair, it’s time to create your first curl.

Using a hair straightener or curling wand (whichever you prefer), feed through your section of hair to create a tight curl. Keep hold of that section (careful, as it will still be warm) and start to roll it with your fingers back to the root.

Once you have it in place, use a hair clip to secure it and allow to cool while you move on to the next step.


Continue to Curl.

Now create equal sections all over your head and repeat the curling process from step 3. Don’t worry if it takes a little time, it will all be worth it in the end!


Start to Work on the Front of the Hair.

The first crucial point to remember with the front section, is that it needs to be in a side parting.

Once you have done this, start to create your first section and this time you are going to work from the top of the hair going in triangle-shaped sections.

And you guessed it, continue the process just like in step 4 and once that side is done, you just have the final side to finish. Keep persevering, you’re almost there!


Allow to Cool.

Now your whole head should be covered in fabulous-looking pin curls – yes? Great.

While you’re allowing your curls to cool, it’s time to take those selfies for your Instagram story – don’t forget to give your best 1950s impression! #Slay

Now give the hair an extra spritz of hairspray before moving on to your next step.


Release Those Curls.

Once the curls are cool (normally just a few minutes) it’s time for the big reveal.

Starting back at the beginning, unclip your first curl and then unclip the rest in the order you curled them. Now you should have a mass of very curly curls – not what you were looking for? Fret not, as we haven’t finished with you yet.


Shake Those Curls Loose.

Using your fingers, begin to rake through your hair. You should notice the curls starting to drop and begin forming into beautiful loose curls.

Now reach for your paddle brush and gently brush through the curls, bringing them back away from the face.

Tip: Spray your paddle brush with your hairspray before gently pulling it through your hair to help tame any flyaways.

Then just give your tresses one final spritz of hairspray and…


Final Look.

… There you have it! A fantastic 1950s-inspired cartoon kid hairstyle that will have you feeling like a walking and talking Roy Lichtenstein print.


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