10 Halloween Hair Accessories for Your Last-Minute Party Look

Complete your spooky look with these amazing accessories!  

Halloween is officially here and we simply can’t wait for all the spooky parties and Trick-or-Treating that’ll be taking place.

But if you’re in a frenzy to find a suitable costume, don’t worry: you can easily whip up a fabulous Halloween outfit, even if you’ve left it to the very last minute (you know who you are). And if it’s a low-commitment look you’re after, then all you need are some stunning Halloween hair accessories to pop in your mane.

So, to see some of the best accessories to rock on All Hallows Eve, read on below. From super cute bone clips to scary spider decorations, we’ve got it all covered – just take your pick!


Woman with long dark brown hair with devil horns
Credit: Rupert Laycock

Who wouldn’t mind being the queen of the underworld all night? Pair some pointy horns with tousled textured hair to channel spooky, sultry vibes.

Pumpkin buns

back view of a woman with hair buns decorated into pumpkins with ribbons
Why carve a pumpkin when you can become a pumpkin? Credit: Instagram.com/tracyropium

As we all know, pumpkins are a key feature of Halloween and the autumn season in general (be honest, how many pumpkin spice lattes have you had so far?). But instead of carving out your jack-o’-lantern this year, why not try something a bit different and become one yourself?

Okay, we know this sounds strange but hear us out. By creating some neat ballerina buns on the top of your head, then getting creative with some coloured ribbon, you can easily have a unique style for the spooky celebrations! Credit: @tracyropium

Sugary sweet

woman with sugar skull makeup and a pastel flower crown
Make your Sugar Skull look extra sweet with a flower crown. Credit: Instagram.com/rodneywayneofficial

Calavera skulls (AKA sugar skulls) have been a hot choice for Halloween get ups these past few years. But instead of going for a traditional style, give yours and extra feminine touch with the use of a flower crown.

Either go for some fresh flowers or just recycle your one from the festival season, and you’ll be ready for your Instastories close up! Credit: @rodneywayneofficial

Treat yourself

back shot of a woman with purple hair in a braid and halloween accessories attached
This purple plaited look is all Treat and no Trick! Credit: Instagram.com/hai_styling

Like to be the centre of attention at a party? Then we have the look for you!

Make like this Instragrammer and get a shimmering purple hair colour, weave in a chunky braid, and decorate with a mix of spooky and sweet accessories to really capture the essence of the scary holiday. Credit: @hai_styling


Editor’s tip: Want your spooky ‘do to stay in place? Then you’ll need to set it with the TRESemmé Ultimate Shine Hold Hairspray, which is great for giving a natural, non-sticky hold and keeping frizz at bay.

Creepy crawlies!

woman with long brunette hair in bubble pigtails and orange spiders
Spookify your bubble pigtails with some creepy spiders. Credit: Instagram.com/cocoschristina

If you’re an arachnophobe, turn away now. Coupling her on-trend bubble pigtails with some bright spider hairbands *shudders* this bewitching lady has got Halloween 2017 down to a T! We don’t know whether to commend her or run away. Credit: @cocoschristina

Unicorn power

woman with long hair in purple, pink and blue colours with loose waves and a golden headdress
Bring out your magical side with a unicorn headdress! Credit: Instagram.com/envyroomsalon

By now you’re surely well aware that Unicorn styles have been ruling the beauty world. With their magical colouring and endless amounts of glitter (seriously, we you can never have too much glitter), we’re all captivated by their majesty.

But if you already have your Unicorn colouring done and dusted, and need a way to up your magical mane game for Halloween, we suggest opting for a golden Unicorn headdress. Match your shimmering eye shadow with your hair hues, pop on your crown and you’re suddenly a Unicorn Queen! Credit: @envyroomsalon

Spider clip

Halloween hair accessories: Woman dark purple ombre hair styled into a low messy bun with spider clip
Creepy crawlies are about to become your BFF! Credit: Instagram.com/painted_studios

Don’t undo your updo just yet — you’re going to need it to hold in this creepy and cute spider clip hair accessory. Also, can we take a moment to fawn over this beauty’s Halloween hue? Credit: @painted_studios

Fairy queen crown

Halloween hair accessories: Woman dressed as fairy wearing a crystal crown in her medium ice blonde hair
Fairy queen crystals are in vogue. Credit: Instagram/bybrookelle

Pinterest mentioned something about fairies being popular this Halloween. Want to get in on the trend? Team some beachy waves with a crystal crown and you’ll have everyone enchanted. Credit: @bybrookelle

Editor’s tip: Mist some of the of the Bed Head Rockaholic Thunder Struck Texture Salt Spray on your mane before heat styling. It’ll leave your mane with a cool-girl finish worthy of a Cali beach babe.

Fortune teller

Halloween hair accessories: Woman dressed as a fortune teller with black headscarf with coins on it
We predict today will be a good hair day. Credit: Instagram.com/anduenabahtiri

Bring all the charm to your Halloween party with this fortune teller-inspired chain headdress. The crystal ball says you’ll have a night to remember with this mysterious ‘do! Credit: @anduenabahtiri

Baby’s breath flowers

Halloween hair accessories: Woman dressed as woodland creature with half-up crown braids with flowers
You really can’t go wrong with flowers. Credit: Instagram.com/mehronuk

Is there a cuter creature than a dear? We think not! We love how this beauty teams a half-up, half-down crown braid with baby’s breath flowers to really amp up those magical woodland vibes. Credit: @mehronuk


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