How to Create a Beautiful Half-Up, Half-Down Braid

Woman with a half up braid



Always dreamed of rocking a gorgeous half-up, half-down braid hairstyle? Well, now you can, with our simple tutorial on how to a get a half-up braid, below!

Scroll down to see how you can create a half-up French braid hairstyle. And since half braided looks are seriously hot-to-trot, we’ve also decided to include a few other half-up braid hairstyle variations, below.

How to do a simple half-up, half-down braid in 6 steps


Wash your hair.

Begin by washing your hair with the Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner

This hydrating duo will condition your mane, leave it feeling smooth, perfectly polished and ready to rock your half-up braid!


Half-up half-down braid: Blonde model with clean hair

Apply mousse.

When creating half braided hairstyles, you’ll want a little extra help from a body-boosting styling product. Currently, we’re loving the TRESemmé Volume and Lift Mousse.

Squirt a tennis ball-sized amount of mousse into your palm and evenly distribute it through your damp hair.

Not only will this mousse help make your hair appear fuller and more volumised, but it is also enriched with a UV filter and provitamin B5, that helps strengthen hair. 


Blonde model squirting mousse into her hand

Section and curl.

Now section your hair in half horizontally and clip the top section out of the way for now (we’ll come back to it later!).

Then use a curling wand to curl 1-2 inch wide sections of hair at a time. You only need to hold the hair in place for a few seconds to form a nice, loose curl.

Continue working in these sections until your entire head (except the top section) of hair is curled.


Blonde model curling her hair with a tong

Divide your hair.

Create a parting with the tip of your comb. Then take a small section from one side of the parting and divide it into three equal parts.

Blonde model dividing a section of hair evenly into three.

Create braid.

Weave your simple braid by crossing the left strand over the middle and then the right strand over the new middle.

Close up of a blonde model

Continue weaving.

Continue weaving your braid securing the end with a clear elastic hairband. Repeat on the other side.

Close up of a blonde model

Final look.

Draw your two plaits towards the back your head. Create a crown-like shape, making sure to tuck the ends of your braids and pin in place.

Blonde model with half-up, half-down braid

How to create a half-up, half down French braid

Woman with two half up French braids
Add some je ne sais pas quoi to your look with this half-up, half-down French braid!

Looking for a half-up braid hairstyle that’s perfect for both daytime and evening outings? Well, this pretty half-up, half-down French braid might just be the answer to all your hair prayers — especially if you’re a rookie braider!

How to get the look:

1. Start by creating a neat centre part with your finger or a comb, then take a section of hair on the left side, dividing it into 3 sections.

2. Now start weaving a French braid (by crossing the side strands over the middle, instead of under) and pick up more hair from the sides as you go, until you reach around the middle of the back of your crown.

From here, continue to weave a standard 3-strand plait all the way down to the ends. Secure your first plait with a clear elastic headband.

3. Repeat step 2 on the right side of your hair.

4. To finish off your pretty double French plaits, pancake them by gently pull apart each section of the braid with your thumb and pointer finger. This nifty trick will make your hair instantly appear fuller.

6 half-up braid hairstyles you should try

Now that you’ve learnt how to get a half-up, half-up braid, you’ve opened yourself up to a whole new world of hot hair styling possibilities! Need some inspo? See some of our favourite hairdos for half-up braid hairstyles, below.

1. Triple boho half-up, half-down braid

Woman with triple half up braids
Be three times the boho-queen with this braided half-up ‘do!

You’ve heard of boho hairstyles, but have you heard of the triple boho half-up braid? Well, let us introduce you!

Featuring a playful mix of hidden braids and a half-up ponytail, this unique braided hairstyle is sure to inject a free-spirited feminine vibe to your flowing locks! And doesn’t it looks as cool as it sounds?

2. Mermaid braids

Woman with boho mermaid half up braids
Channel your inner Ariel with a gorgeous half-up, half-down mermaid braid. Credit:

As we’re sure you already know: mermaid hair has become the look to rock. So, it comes as no surprise that Ariel-worthy half-up braid hair exists! Don’t believe us? One glance at the dreamy picture above is all you need!

Now, if you fancy nabbing this fresh-out-of-water look for yourself, follow these 4 steps! Easy peasy, eh?

3. Romantic braided half-up hairstyle

Woman with romantic half up hairstyle
Dance the night away with this dreamy, romantic half-up braid hairstyle!

Looking for some #hairspiration for prom or a wedding you’re attending? Look no further, as we think we may have the answer with this beautiful, romantic Dutch braided updo.

The pretty braid is a great way of tapping into the ever-popular half-up braid trend, while also keeping the look elegantly stylish.

4. Short half-up, half-down braid hairstyle

Woman with half up rope braid on short hair
Have short hair? You can still reap the half-up, half-down braid benefits. Credit:

Think having short hair means you can’t reap the half-up braid benefits? If you have a bob or a long bob, you’ll be happy to know you can create an amazing array of half-up, half-down braid hairstyles.

From half-up braided crowns to braided half-up space buns, rocking half-up looks is about to become your forte!

5. Half-up, half-down French braid to the side

Woman with side half-up braid hairstyle
This side half-up, half-up braid hairstyle will make your hair the mane masterpiece at your next event! Credit: Credit: Kristen Soileau

Want a stunning half-up, half-down French braid hairstyle that won’t take ages to create? Sounds like you need to try this gorgeous side-swept braid!

This is a style that looks just as good by the pool as it does at a summer wedding, and should be paired with a set of beachy waves for maximum effect. #Slay!

6. Floral half-up, half-down braid

Woman with floral half-up braid

With summer hot on our heels, you’ll need a look that’ll brighten up your mane! But what to choose? Well, this braided half-up floral fishtail braid epitomises a cool, feminine festival attitude, plus it’s pretty easy to style.

If you prefer to wear your hair without flowers, but still want a bloomin’ hairstyle, you should try out our flower braid bun hair tutorial. It’s girly, quirky and cool in equal amounts, so there’s nothing not to love!

Simply can’t get enough half-up braid hairstyles for your mane? Great! Then you’ll love the all the pretty plaits on our Braids page. Check them out!

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