Lissy Roddy’s gym hair tutorial for short hair

This side braid pony will help you survive even your most rigorous workout! ?  

Okay, we’ll be honest: even though our workout sessions are for focusing on our fitness goals, we also want to make sure our hairstyle is gym-proof and super stylish. So, if you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect gym ‘do, we’ve got just the thing: a side braid ponytail!

Since side braids and low-slung ponytails are having a fashionable moment, marrying the two trends together is a sure-fire way to take your mane game to new, non-boring heights. And honestly, who wouldn’t want their hair to look on-trend?

Want to learn how to get a side braid ponytail? Well, we’ve asked blogger Lissy Roddy to create a quick step-by-step tutorial, to show you how to get the look at home. Ready to beat your PB in style?


Section hair.

Begin by sectioning your hair in half horizontally and clipping the top section out of the way for now (we’ll come back to it later!).


Spray hairspray.

Give your hair some extra grip by misting your tresses with the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray, before you start weaving your perfect side braid.


Create your Dutch braid.

Now that you’ve prepped your mane, it’s time for the fun part: creating your side braid!

For this style we’ll be weaving a Dutch braid, so start by taking an inch worth of hair near your temple. Then begin to Dutch braid (crossing the 2 outside strands under – not over – the middle strand), picking up additional hair as you weave.

Continue this process until you reach the end of your hair. Secure your first side braid with a hairband.



Once you’ve created your first braid, repeat the same action on the other side of your head and secure the look with a hairband.


Create your ponytail.

Remember that top section of hair we told you to keep a hold of? Now is its time to shine!

So, release the top section and gather all of your hair (including your lush braids) into a low ponytail and secure it with a hairband.


Final look!

And there you have it: a long-lasting side braid ponytail that’ll ensure you look good pre and post workout. Now you’ll never have a boring gym ‘do ever again!