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What is hair primer? (And why you need to start using one!)

Want to know what is a hair primer and what is a hair primer used for? Get the 411 now.

Every once in a while a new product comes onto the market and shakes things up. From hair scrubs to co-washing, we have seen our fair share of new product inventions and hair hacks, but the latest addition to the hair styling industry is certainly one we can all benefit from a hair primer.

It’s reported that the number one reason that women cite for not using styling products more frequently is that they are too much hassle*, but you’ll be happy to know that this hair product has a lot of benefits. Simply read on to get all of your questions answered.

What is a hair primer? All your FAQs answered

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Hair primers have fast become the hottest hair product to own this year.

What is a hair primer?

Whether that’s foundation, eyeshadow or even nail polish, primers are used to help with the ease of beauty product application. And just like the ones you use for your skin, a hair primer is used to create the perfect base layer for hair products to be applied on top of.

What does a hair primer do?

Think of a hair primer as the first step in your hair styling routine. They work by creating a smooth, even base layer on top of the hair-fibre which acts as a protective shield and has the added bonus of making the hair more manageable and easier to style.

What is a hair primer used for?

1. Quick and easy styling

If quick and easy styling is your main priority, you will be happy to know that smoothing archives within primers are designed to reduce friction between the hair fibres, which is perfect for anyone prone to tangles and frizzy strands. And did we mention it also contains a blend of ingredients specially designed to reduce the time it takes to blow-dry hair? Clever!

2. Conditioning treatment

Containing conditioning ingredients, this nifty hair primer not only makes hair easier to detangle but the protective layer on the hair also prevents external moisture like humidity from penetrating the hair shaft. Hair is then left feeling naturally soft and smooth with a healthy looking shine.

3. Heat protection

Yes, really! 74% of women in the UK use heated appliances at least once a month, but only 10% use products to protect their hair from heat styling damage** and if you are anything like us, you probably find it difficult to part with your heated styling tools. But with primer sprays and creams, you can put your mind at ease as these miracle workers also help to minimise damage and breakage caused by straighteners, tongs and wands etc.

Next steps: How to use hair primer 

Learn how to use hair primer by following our simple steps, below.

  • Wash your hair
  • Apply hair primer to damp hair
  • Use your fingers to distribute the product
  • Apply more if needed, concentrating on the ends of your hair
  • Blow-dry your hair and style

Use your hair primer after washing your tresses and before you style it. Spray or apply cream directly onto wet or damp hair, then use your fingers or comb to distribute the product through the hair (concentrating on the ends of your hair) and blow-dry or style as usual.


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