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5 Hair Lessons We’ve Borrowed From the World of Skin Care

From primers and cosmetics for your hair to collagen-enriched products, these are our top hair lessons borrowed from the world of skin care... 

There’s no denying that the beauty industry is bigger than ever, with new must-try regimens and ‘revolutionary’ products being launched every second of the day. And just a simple scroll through Instagram will reveal that the world is obsessed with taking shelfies, with bathroom cabinets stacked full of cult skin care brands. Yet with our love for serums, scrubs and creams, that’s not to say our hair care should take a backseat.

Borrowing the best of what the skin care world has to offer, hair brands are shifting their focus to include new technologies and, in turn, sparking off new trends in the way we approach hair care.

Collagen Is Great

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Who said our skin gets to have all the fun? Not us. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

While the benefits of collagen in skin care has been raved about for years, it is a relatively new concept in the hair industry.

Collagen and elastin proteins (as found within the Nexxus Emergencée range) are great for damaged tresses and recharging hair’s resilience. So, if you have been overdoing it with hair colouring or heated tools, it may be time to start a collagen-enriched regimen.

We suggest adding the Nexxus Emergencée Rebalancing Shampoo and Conditioner duo to your hair washing routine to reinforce the hair’s cuticle wall and help to reduce breakage.

But that’s not all this range offers. From reconstructing broken protein structures in weakened hair to replenishing lost nutrients, the Nexxus Emergencée range will reinforce the inner fibre structure, so hair unravels with beautiful resilience and fluidity.

Always Use a Primer

What’s the best way to keep your makeup looking fresh for longer? By using a primer, of course. And guess what? This beauty bag essential is now making its way into our hair styling regimens, boasting a wealth of benefits for your precious strands!

As with primers for the skin, hair primers are used to create the perfect base layer for products to be applied on top of. Variations often include heat protection (up to 230°C), helping to detangle knots and tame flyaways, too.

Not sure where to start when it comes to hair primers? We recommend the TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Primer Spray, as it comes with heat defence and protects hair from 7 different types of styling damage (pretty good, eh?).

Use on towel-dried hair, fully coat the hair from root to tip and blowdry as desired. For an extra boost of protection, reapply before using other heated styling tools for a gorgeously shiny finish to your tresses.

Makeup Isn’t Just for Your Face

Makeup for your hair? Yes, in the same way, we use traditional makeup to highlight our features, hair cosmetics do the same job for your mane.

And while they might not replace your hair care routine, they are great for fixing small hair problems on the go or adding glam glitter to your festival or party hairstyle.

We love the fine shimmer of the VO5 Rebel Rose Shimmer, which adds a sparkly, peachy tone to light-coloured hair.

With its sponge applicator, it can be easily and precisely dabbed to the roots, lengths of your hair or over a braid to add subtle colour to your pretty hairstyle. And it’s super easy to brush out. Phew!

Serums Can Be a Life (And Hair) Saver

A much-loved skin and hair fave, serums have been high on everyone’s priority list for many years thanks to their impressive benefits. By coating the hair, a serum helps to mask split ends in-between salon visits by temporarily sealing and binding your hair cuticles, effectively hiding dry and damaged ends.

No matter your hair type, or seasonal weather, frizz and humidity are often some of a woman’s biggest hair woes. Helping to kick frizz to the curb, a serum can be used to coat the hair with a smoothing, protective layer.

Our current obsession is with the Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum. Ideal for those prone to dryness, this salon-crafted serum contains concentrated conditioning oil – another skin care fave – encapsulated in caviar-shaped beads (fancy, right?).

The water-based formula of this rebuilding serum is rich in nutrients and natural proteins to gradually bring your hair back to its pre-damaged state.

UV Filters Are Important

We have all seen and heard about the importance of protecting your skin while in the sun, often leading to our strands being neglected when on holiday.

Sun, sea and sand are not very kind to our hair, and can often lead to dry, faded and damaged tresses, so it’s important to give them the TLC they deserve. But how?

Finding a hair product with UV filter is the first step and you may be surprised to know that many hair products are now offering this added benefit.

We love the VO5 Firm Hold Hairspray not only for finishing our summer styles but for providing us with 24-hour humidity protection and a UV filter to boot. This gem of a product is ideal all year round, so we’re stocking up now!





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