How to Style Your Hair According to Your Horoscope

Your perfect hairstyle is written in the stars!  

Is hair astrology really a thing? Honestly, we look to star signs for guidance for just about everything (love, fashion, style, travel and career advice, too!), but have you ever wondered what the best hairstyles are for your zodiac signs? If not, you’re about to find out…

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Horoscope hairstyles 2020: Close up shot of different horoscope hairstyles against a pink background
Find out your horoscope and the perfect hair colour based on your zodiac, below.

Here, you’ll discover your hair horoscope and also find out which gorgeous, on-trend hairstyle our resident astrologist, Eunice Lucero-Lee, suggests you try. Consider it the shake-up you need to help you make your mane game stellar….

Capricorn Hairstyles: December 22 to January 19

woman with hair accessories
Accessories are in your future. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Capricorns always aim to look professional! But this year, you’re feeling more playful and willing to experiment with your go-to look. So, we’d like to see you mixing things up with hair accessories.

Eunice says: “You’re the workhorse of the zodiac—thanks to your nose-to-the-grind ruling planet, Saturn—so are all about looking chic and pulled-together. No-nonsense buns or that razored bob you’ve been seeing all over Instagram is well within your wheelhouse of hairstyles that serve both form and function (and also look super classy!).”

Haircut: You want your hair to be natural and do its thing, while also making sure it looks its best. So, keep up with regular trims or opt for minimal layers.

Hair colours to consider: Keep things conservative with a rich, solid hue. From ashy blondes to chocolate browns, a muted, flat colour is all you need to make your mane feel refreshed.

Aquarius Hairstyles: January 20 to February 18

back view of braided bun
Buns and braids are a match in heaven. Credit: Rupert Laycock

For an Aquarius, upholding your reputation as the ‘rebel’ of the zodiac and maintaining your independence is key. This makes you the trendsetter of the zodiac, as you don’t jump on all the latest trends, but instantly know what will catch on (all because Uranus is your planetary ruler!).

Since you dislike being stuck in hair ruts, we suggest you spend the year honing in your braiding skills and showing them off. How? By mastering the art of the braided updo.

Eunice says: “Freedom from convention is the name of the game. Whether it’s going for a quirky, original hair colour (lime green? Been there, done that) or just some thought-provoking updos that allow you to feel unencumbered while you do all of the things—like some intricate Dutch braids or space buns—you’re all about staying fuss-free, yet original.”

Haircut: Aquarians tend to change their mind a lot, so we also suggest you keep up with your regular trims and avoid making choices on a whim.

Hair colours to consider: You’ve survived so many hair changes in recent years, and you’re finally ready to find a hue to settle with. We’ll give you a clue: your hue of choice is bright, bold and reflective of your creative spirit. Think platinum blondes or silvers!

Editor’s tip: Your plaited hairstyles will always look selfie-ready if you use the TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid Balm to create them.

Suitable to use on both wet and dry strands, this balm gives flexible hold and provides your braid with added structure.

Pisces Hairstyles: February 19 to March 20

Young Asian woman with half up bun
You can’t go wrong with this favourite. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Pisces is a water sign, which is why wavy, mermaidy half-up, half-down hairstyles (like this hun hairstyle) are the perfect fit. Try a good sea salt spray — especially if you plan on travelling more!

Eunice says: “Spiritual and introspective, you’re a mood-groomer if there ever was one. Your ruling planet Neptune rules the collective unconscious, which means it also sets the trends for an era—making you super plugged in to what beauty looks people are vibing with at the moment. Glittery, mermaid shades and soft, flowy styles are your home base, though.”

Haircut: Whether your strands are thick or fine, work to enhance your mane’s texture with minimal layers.

Hair colours to consider: You’re known to be artistic and creative, so what better way to express yourself than with a dreamy pearl hair colour?

Editor’s tip: Struggling to create beachy waves? Try the VO5 Texturising Sea Salt Spray, it’s great for adding body and enhancing your natural texture.

Aries Hairstyles: March 21 to April 19

Pretty brunette with long hair and red lipstick
Show off your fiery Aries side with these effortless waves. Credit: Arianna Alexander

Those born under Aries usually are confident, energetic and adventurous. To match your ‘always-on-the-go’ attitude, your hairstyles tend to be easy and fuss-free.

You love making a statement, so you can take on any hairstyle and give it a fashionable edge, which is why you adore tousled waves or sleek ponytail with a chic scarf.

Eunice says: “Your sign rules the head, which is why it’s no surprise your hair is, and always has been, one of your biggest vanities. Passionate, direct and always ahead of the curve, you favour sharp, confident looks, like crisp bangs, an undercut or embracing your full-on natural texture, months before these ideas even hit other people’s radars.”

Haircut: Bold Aries ladies won’t think twice about getting a pixie haircut, or updating their current look with a cool-girl fringe.

Hair colours to consider: The one hair colour that’ll satisfy your fiery Aries soul? Anything red, of course. We can’t wait to see what you pick!

Taurus Hairstyles: April 20 to May 20

Smiling brunette with side parting
Credit: Verity Jane Smith

This year is all about accomplishing bigger goals. So, with that being said, you’ll need a #girlboss hairstyle to power you through the busy months ahead. And, nothing says you’ve got it together better than a new polished, side parting.

On the weekends, you can let your romantic side loose some beachy waves.

Eunice says: “Your Venus-ruled sign is no stranger to the realm of beauty; you have an innate sense of taste not only for what looks good on you, but what others love as well. A classicist at heart, tactile, crowd-pleasing hairstyles like soft French braids and sensual chignons always hit the mark in your book and wink at your inner high-brow leanings.”

Haircut: You appreciate low-maintenance, styles, which is why you should go for a medium to long haircut with minimal layers.

Hair colours to consider: Seeing as your sign has an appreciation for beauty and nature, earthy brown tones and natural-looking hues work best on you. But you can be quite unpredictable as well! So, if you’re feeling extra daring, go for forest green.

Gemini Hairstyles: May 21 to June 20

back view of a woman with a bun
What’s knot to love about this ‘do? Credit: Rupert Laycock

Gemini, it’s no secret that your personality is often expressed through style. So, you’ll love rocking all types of hairstyles, from low knotted buns to half-up, half-down looks (depending on your mood).

Eunice says: “Mercury-ruled Geminis are quick on the uptake. You’ve got your pulse on the latest and greatest and try to incorporate all this info into your looks as much as you can—if only in little details, like a smattering of highlights, some micro-braids or a cute, nerdy-girl fringe. You also love technology, which means hairstyles that look good in that #selfie are a no-brainer: On-point, reality-star waves or fresh, photogenic colour is a must!”

Haircut: Geminis are open-minded and like to experience everything there is out there. This means whenever they get bored, they often make drastic hair changes.

A great cut for your changing personality? A short or lob length asymmetrical cut.

Hair colours to consider: It’s time to give in to your duality with an ombre dye job. If you’re in need of some warmth, try blonde ombre, or get in on the lilac hair trend with a pretty purple ombre.

Editor’s tip: Try spritzing a little dry shampoo (we like the Love Beauty And Planet Volume & Bounty Dry Shampoo) into your roots before styling your hair. It’ll add more grip to your mane and make sure your hairstyle lasts longer.

Cancer Hairstyles: June 21 to July 22

Back view of a woman with a loose French plait
Amp up the romance with this lovely braid. Credit: Craig Alexander

2020 is a great chance for Cancerians to try out new hairstyles. But that doesn’t mean you won’t give up on your love for all things retro! After all, you’ve got an old soul and a deep appreciation for the past.

You’re a hopeless romantic, and to show it, you’ll be wearing a hair bow on repeat. Wear it with a loose braid, like this, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of a period drama.

Eunice says: “Just like the changing phases of the moon, your ruler, you probably have a slew of #throwback looks you fondly remember and quite honestly, still love! Emotional and intuitive, you can wax nostalgic like no other and breathe new life into old trends… so it’s no wonder that ’90s faves like the blunt bob or box braids—or even that romantic, storybook Victorian bun—look killer on you.”

Haircut: All the water signs, including Cancer, prefer haircuts that play up their feminine sides.  This can be anything from a wispy, feminine pixie haircut to a medium-length cut, with soft layers.

Hair colours to consider: Anything with shine! Opt for a hair glossing treatment to keep things simple.

Leo Hairstyles: July 23 to August 22

young black woman with large curly afro hair
Exude the biggest presence with the biggest hair. Credit: Rupert Laycock

You’ll always be a shining star, Leo. And in 2020, you’re letting go of old hair habits and setting the stage for new ones. You’ll need plenty of discipline to achieve your hair goals, so make time for self-care and consider investing in a new haircare range.

The best hairstyles for you? Any that are full of volume (be it a voluminous, curly blow out or a big and beautiful afro), to complement your bold personality.

Eunice says: “Being stereotypically Leonine means you’re all about your mane, and you wear it loud and proud. But it also means you take pride in making sure you look presentable—stunning, even—at all times. Bright, showstopping colour or an impeccable top knot are likely trademarks of your crowning glory. Even a simple, elegant lob gets a queenly update with you: You’ll want to elevate the look in a shade that not many can pull off, like platinum blonde.”

Haircut: For a statement, either wear your hair extremely short or super long. And, to guarantee maximum volume, consider teaming your cuts with some layers.

Hair colours to consider: There’s no colour more perfect for a Leo than gold! Whether it’s rose gold hair or caramel highlights, you really can’t go wrong with warming up your features with one of these vibrant hues.

Virgo Hairstyles: August 23 to September 22

Young brunette with a long bob and leather jacket
Meghan Markle would seriously approve. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Virgos are often known as the perfectionist of the zodiac, and you’ll find that this trait will start to apply to your life and hair goals, which are both things you’ll be trying to ground this year.

Our suggestion? Make this the year you finally master the perfect blow out. Once you do, you’ll feel obliged to show off your styling prowess and fill your Insta feed with tonnes of hair selfies.

Eunice says: “Your meticulous, mercurial nature gives you the patience to master even the trickiest of trends (4-strand braid or bubble pony, anyone?) or invest in a clean trim at regular intervals. A blow out or sharp side-parted pony also speaks to your sophisticated preferences, and you take the time to make sure every strand is helmed perfectly—which means looks that thoughtfully utilise hot tools, like flat iron beach waves, are also a staple.”

Haircut: Try a classic shoulder-length layered haircut or a medium bob, as both will be easy to manage and style.

Hair colours to consider: If you haven’t tried balayage, now’s your chance. This colouring technique will seamlessly enhance your natural hue, leaving you with a sun-kissed look that is softer than traditional highlights.

Libra Hairstyles: September 23 to October 22

Side view of a red haired woman with a bun
Tip the scales in your favour with this pretty hairstyle. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Your hair reflects your vibe, Libra. 2020 will offer you the opportunity to find your signature look. As you strive to maintain balance in your life, make sure your pick hairstyles that do the same. Whether you’re going for something half-up or two mini braids, know that perfect symmetry is your key to great hair days.

Eunice says: “You’re no stranger to aesthetics and seem to master alchemize trends into a look that always seems effortless. That complex halo twist? Nailed it. Curly pixie? On it. A wavy lob? Where do you co-sign? Everything you try out is tasteful yet on-the-nose; so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and trailblaze a new trend, and symmetrical looks are your forte (you do rule the Scales)—we can totally see you putting a new spin on Dutch pigtails or space buns. ”

Haircut: Since you have the tendency to second-guess yourself, you don’t need to try anything drastic. So, a few face-framing layers should do you just fine.

Hair colours to consider: Think flirty and feminine hue that brings warmth! Anything pastel or even some golden highlights, to help bring out your romantic side.

Scorpio Hairstyles: October 23 to November 21

Blonde woman with sleek hair
Powerful and sexy? Yes, please! Credit: Rupert Laycock

Welcome to 2020, Scorpio. You’re mysterious as ever this year, and if you’re going to try a new hairstyle, it won’t be one that is being raved about. It’ll be something timeless, powerful and transformative like this polished swept-back hairstyle.

Eunice says: “Your eyes are definitely the windows to your soul, and you’ve always favoured looks that flatter them to the highest degree. You also zero in on a look and tend to work it to the hilt: A ’70s-era curtain fringe is equal parts sexy and rock ’n roll, and you’re also never one to shy away from Plutonian-inspired looks, like some bold, red shades or a confident head of dark waves.”

Haircut: You often like to follow your own path, and it will stay that way until the new moon on 30th of August when the five planets in Virgo (moon, sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) join forces with Saturn.

Around this time, you’ll be more open to experimenting with trending looks. Our suggestion? Consider bangs.

Hair colours to consider: To play up your mysterious side, opt for sultry dark hair colours. However, since Scorpio is the sign of metamorphosis you may do the complete opposite and try something bold like platinum hair.

Editor’s tip: Get the look by applying the VO5 Wet Look Styling Gel through dry or damp hair scrunching hair to help create a wavy finish.

Sagittarius Hairstyles: November 22 to December 21

woman with long brown hair in twisted half up
Keep it adventurous & carefree. Credit; Rupert

The Sagittarius sign is known to be free, optimistic and adventurous. They have a lust for life and love exploring what’s new, which means they aren’t afraid to try out even the most daring trends. Which means you should challenge yourself to try a new hairstyle every week! So, we suggest you search for ones that are eye-catching, like this half-up Celtic twist (you’ll get bonus points if you team the style with a dazzling accessory).

Eunice says: “More is more with your optimistic Jupiterian spirit, and you tend to revel in the excess. Big, happy curls and hippie half-updos are all staples in your repertoire, but nothing feels more natural than a sporty ponytail, some headbands or a tight yoga bun: Athleticism is your natural aesthetic.”

Haircut: Since Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be sliding into Sagittarius’ DMs on the 22nd of January and November the 24th, we suggest you make any haircut decisions around then, as these are set to be your lucky days.

If you’re eager to switch up your look, consider trying micro bangs or getting a blunt cut bob/lob.

Hair colours to consider: Since the birthstones for this sign are both Citrine (warm and fiery) and Blue Topaz, you can be as adventurous as you like with your hair colour choices.


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