Everything you need to know about hair cosmetics

Beth | 20 June 2018

Hair cosmetics: the product launch your strands have been waiting for.


Whether it’s a dab of concealer to cover up a spot or a dusting of powder across your T-zone to take away shine; make-up is great for hiding the things we’re not so confident about and enhancing the features we do like.

But we’ve always thought: wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do the same for your hair? Why has no-one invented similar products for smoothing down flyaways or hiding split ends? After all, carrying an entire bottle of serum in your bag isn’t always exactly the most practical. But finally, our prayers have been answered…

Hair cosmetics (yep, makeup for your hair!) have arrived and your mane game is about to be changed forever. In the words of Taylor Swift, “Are you ready for it?” Keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about your newest handbag essentials.


FYI there’s now makeup for your hair…


brunette street style model with bob length straight hair wearing a leather jacket
It’s time to start thinking of hair touch-ups like you’re topping up your lippy. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

What’s the deal with hair cosmetics?

In the same way that regular makeup is used to highlight your best features, hair cosmetics do the same job. Something about your hair annoying you? You can fix it! Or, want a way to make your hairstyle look extra special? There’re products for that, too.

How do I use them?

Hair cosmetics won’t replace your regular hair care routine, instead, they’re more an addition to your existing regime. So, while you can still use your favourite products at home, hair cosmetics are perfect for popping in your bag or for taking out for special occasions (like a festival or party) when you really want to wow with your hair.

Cool, so which ones should I try?

Whether it’s problem fixers or fun glitters you’re looking to try, here are some of our current favourite hair cosmetics (and why we rate them):

Hair mascaras

VO5 Flyaway Touch-Up Wand

Forever dealing with flyaways? In that case, a hair mascara will be a game-changer. Filled with serum, hair mascaras like the VO5 Flyaway Touch-Up Wand can be used to smooth down any unruly strands as soon as they strike. Um, what flyaways?

For those dealing with static, there’s also the VO5 Frizz Free Serum Wand especially to fight the frizz and give you a more controlled look.

Split End Rescue Balm

VO5 Split End Rescue Balm

As much as we wish there was a cure for split ends, so far no-one’s discovered it. But if you’re due a trim and it’s something you’re aware of, there are ways to conceal them.

Pretty much a concealer for your ends, the moisturising VO5 Split End Rescue Balm instantly hides the appearance of split ends, leaving your hair looking smoother and temporarily sealing any broken strands.


blonde model with space buns and glitter roots wearing a sequin cami and velvet embroidered jacket
Sparkle, always. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

As you know, make-up isn’t all about covering up, sometimes it’s about standing out, too. When we’re getting ready for a big night out we’ll always go a bit heavier on the eyeshadow, and now you can give your locks the same treatment with a super sparkly hair glitter!

VO5 Ocean Blue Hair Glitter

There are so many different ways to wear glitter in your hair (glitter roots, glitter undercuts… you get the idea). With VO5‘s new range of glitters which come in 6 different colours (including the Ocean Blue hue, above), it’s never been so easy to add some sparkle to your style.

Roughly 61 UK festivals have banned the use of plastics, such as straws, bottles and plastic glitters, so the biodegradable VO5 range was music to our ears!

Festival-goers can rest assured knowing that all of the glitters in the VO5 glitters are biodegradable and made from plant cellulose from responsibly managed plantations – so they’re kind on both your hair and the planet.

If full on glitter’s not really your thing, there’s also the more subtle Cosmic Gold and Rebel Rose Shimmers too, with their easy dabbers.

VO5 Rebel Rose Shimmer

Editor’s tip: Planning on trying out glitter roots at a festival this summer? To set your glitter in place, use a damp makeup brush (fingers work fine too!) to place your glitter where you want it, then set with the VO5 Fixing Spray For Glitter


So, are you as hyped as we are about the idea of makeup for your hair? Which ones are you hoping to try?


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