3 pretty ways to protect and style your hair with a silk scarf

Who knew silk scarves were so versatile?  

As any naturalista will know, as the seasons ebb and flow, there’s never not a good time to protect your tresses from the elements. And while braids make for great protective hairstyles, we find that we can’t always spend hours perfecting our ‘dos (sigh!).

Luckily, though, there is a cheap and cheerful way to keep your strands wrapped up safe and sound – and it comes in the form of a silk scarf. Not only do silk scarves make for fashionable hair accessories, but they’re also ideal if you’re short on time and want a low maintenance ‘do. But just how do you rock a silk scarf in your hair?

To help you with this particular query, we’ve put together an easy how-to guide, to bring you 3 way to work the look like a pro!

How to tie your hair with a silk scarf

woman with naturally curly brown hair wearing a silk scarf in a twisted knot wearing a pink red top
Pretty and protective, what more could you want?

Pretty protective styling with a silk scarf

Feel like you need to fully wrap up your tresses, but don’t want to compromise on style? Well, with a silk scarf, you can put all those fears aside, because this look ticks all the natural hair boxes: cute, protective, and low maintenance!

How to get the look:

1. First, tie your hair up into a smooth bun or ponytail.

2. Then take your silk scarf and fold it left corner to right corner, creating a triangle shape.

3. Place the scarf around your head and bring all 3 ends of your scarf together at the front of your head.

4. Next, twist the ends of the silk scarf together and wrap it around to create a bun-like shape. Tuck the ends into the middle of your ‘scarf bun’ and your hair will be completely protected from the elements!

Editor’s tip: Since the cold weather really saps the moisture from your locks, it’s important to prep your hair with the LOC, LOCO, or LCO method (which stand for liquid, oil and cream).

For the liquid section, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner, like the Tresemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating MistIts lightweight formula is free from silicone, parabens, and dyes, and is enriched with coconut milk and aloe vera!

woman with naturally curly brown hair wearing a silk scarf in a twisted headband wearing a pink red top
Protect and display with a twisted headband silk scarf.

Twisted headband with a silk scarf

Want to wear your hair down, but find that it just gets in your face all day long? Not anymore! Thanks to this super simple way to wear a silk scarf, you can easily have the best of both worlds.

How to get the look:

1. Take your silk scarf and fold it in half to create a triangle shape. Then, take around 2-inches of fabric from the base line of your triangle and fold it until your scarf becomes a singular strip.

2. Next place the scarf around your head, crossing and wrapping the scarf at the front of your head.

3. Finally, tie the ends of your scarf at the back of your head, underneath your hair. Et voila: you’re stunning ‘do is done!

woman with naturally curly brown hair wearing a silk scarf in a vintage-inspired updo and knot wearing a pink red top
Rock those retro vibes with a vintage-inspired updo and knotted scarf.

The vintage-inspired knotted scarf

Looking to create a pretty updo with your curly tresses? Then get your silk scarf at the ready and prepare to give this vintage ‘do a go. We can do it!

How to get the look:

1. Start by creating a very high pineapple with your locks.

2. Next, take your silk scarf and fold it in half to creating a triangle shape. Then take the bottom few inches of the scarf and continually fold it until you have a singular strip of fabric.

3. Place the scarf around the back of your head and tie a knot so that it sits on your forehead.

4. Wrap the loose ends of the scarf around the knot and tuck them into the scarf to secure. And there you have it, your ’40s-esque hairstyle is complete!





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