Introducing the surprising new hair hue for under 30s

Going grey gracefully? Not quite...

A grey or silver hair is traditionally seen as a hue flaunted by more mature women, seeing as our hair naturally turns such shades as we age. But as of late, we’ve noticed that women under the age of 30 haven’t been waiting to go grey gracefully – instead, they’re dyeing their locks to replicate these metallic shades!

We have a strong feeling that it probably has something to do with Chrissy Teigen’s recent tweet, embracing her grey hairs. And now we’ve seen all the incredible ways that people have been rocking it, we’ve fallen fast and hard for it!

The popularity of this hair hue might surprise you…

Instagram pic of @erikaseas touching her grey short hair and looking down
Going grey? Or do you just love the look of the colour? Credit:

But why silver? Well, it is the lightest of all the grey tones, and therefore works as an edgy alternative to platinum blonde hair. And while this shade suits a variety of different complexions, we think it looks best on pale skin tones. Plus, it’s said to really make blue and green eye colours popCredit: @erikaseas


Editor’s tip: If you’re considering jumping on the grey or silver hair colour bandwagon, then you’ll want to invest in a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for coloured hair.

We suggest trying the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and ConditionerIt’s designed specifically for coloured hair and helps to keep hair colour vibrant for up to eight weeks.

instagram pic of @internetxdoll with grey ombre hair
Rocking grey hair and looking great! Credit:

While the over 30s have begun embracing brighter shades, those under the age of 30 have been busy trying out a stunning array of grey and silver hair colours! Looks like there’s been a little colour swapping going on.

And for an ideal example of how the millennials have been making this colour their own, just take a peek the picture above!  Credit: @internetxdoll

instagram pic of @ambsy-k showing her ash blonde/grey toned hair
Subtle ashy, grey-blonde hues also tap into the trend. Credit:

Whether styled straight and sleek or into tousled waves, this hair colour is guaranteed to always look on-point, which is probably why (in our options) it’s been given such an elevated style status! Credit: @ambsy-k



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