16 goth hairstyles to inspire your Halloween look

All Things Hair | 11 October 2018

Because goth hairstyles are perfect for Halloween!


With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to settle on a look for the spooky celebrations ahead. But if you’re not one for fancy dress, and just want an edgy look for partying and beyond, why not give yourself a gothic makeover? Unsure where to start? Then you’re in luck, as we’ve got a whole host of stylish goth hairstyles up our sleeves, that are sure to give you some major #hairspiration.

All you need to do is sit back, relax, and scroll through all the hot goth ‘dos on offer.

16 goth hairstyles that will make your Halloween game strong


Goth hairstyles: Gothic woman with dark brown long braided pigtails, wearing a black dress with white collar
All hail Wednesday Addams. Credit: Instagram.com/shreddervonfrankenstein

1. Braided pigtails

You can’t talk about goth hairstyles without mentioning Wednesday Addams’ iconic braided pigtails. They’re a quick and easy way to give your mane a spooky flair, making them the ideal ‘do for last minute Halloween parties. Credit: @shreddervonfrankenstein

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Goth hairstyles: Gothic woman with copper red hair wearing a flower crown with a black outfit
You can experiment with flowers, don’t you know? Credit: Instagram.com/joanashino

2. Flower crown

Just because you’re going as a goth for Halloween doesn’t mean you have to put a stop to your love for flower crowns! This beauty pairs her fiery, tousled strands with one to nail those creepy woodland vibes. Credit: @joanashino

Goth hairstyles: Gothic woman with long dark brown hair, wearing cat ears with dangling moon hair chain with collar, posing in a studio
What’s new kitty cat? Credit: Instagram.com/katzlittlefactory

3. Cat ears

Meow! This is pretty much every goth girl’s backup Halloween hair look, so you can really never go wrong with a good ol’ pair of cat ears. Credit: @katzlittlefactory

Goth hairstyles: Gothic woman with swept-back box braids, wearing dark circle sunglasses and lace neck choker with dark jumper
Take your box braids to goth queen heights. Credit: Instagram.com/proudblackroots

4. Goth box braids

Is it just us, or don’t long box braids look amazing when they’re given a gothic makeover? Sweep yours back like this naturalista has done, grab a choker and some round sunglasses, and you’ll be seriously ready to trick or treat. Credit: @proudblackroots

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Goth hairstyles: Gothic woman with long black weave and undercut hairstyle, wearing a black jumper with a moon print on it outside
Give your weave an edgy, goth feel with an undercut. Credit: Instagram.com/killstarco

5. Undercut with weave

Happen to have a undercut? With the addition of a protective weave hairstyle, you’ll be able to enchant your victims (and get all the compliments!) with this striking mane combo that’ll last way past Halloween. Credit: @killstarco

side view of a woman with dyed red hair in a shaved sides mohawk
A fiery red mohawk, for head turning hair! Credit: Instagram.com/unfade_leo

6. Colourful short goth hair

While goth hairstyles are characteristically defined by being ultra dark and choppy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t rock other hair colours.

Take this Instagrammer for instance; she’s opted to give her look a contemporary twist by rocking this red punk ‘do. Credit: @unfade_leo

woman with dyed black hair and blunt bangs with gothic makeup and outfit
You can’t go wrong with the classic, long-locks goth look. Credit: Instagram.com/ylimekookey

7. Long dark locks

If you’re looking for cute goth hairstyles, but bright colours aren’t your cup of tea, it’s time to bring things back to basics and work a more traditional goth hairstyle. Simply dye your mane a sleek, raven shade of black and cut in some blunt bangs.

This look works especially well if you have long locks, as you can style your hair pin-straight, and tie the whole gothic look together with a spiked choker of your choice! Credit: @ylimekookey

front view of a woman with long grey hair and blunt bangs
Want to rock grey hair? This is how it’s done. Credit: Instagram.com/charlottealicecollier

8. Grey goth goddess

If you’re after slightly more muted goth hairstyles, yet ones that are still totally on-trend, look no further than a chic shade of grey.

This light, almost silvery, hue is the ideal colour option to choose if you don’t want to commit to dyeing your locks super dark. Credit: @charlottealicecollier

woman with dyed black hair in a shaved sides mohawk
Want to be loud and proud? Then this black mohawk is your perfect ‘do! Credit: Instagram.com/vizion_inpitch

9. The short ‘do

If you have natural black hair and want to make a statement, why not opt for a drastic mane change by getting an edgy mohawk?

Short goth hair is a bit more daring than the rest, yet is still totally on point thanks to it’s dark hue and unique, sky-high texture. Credit: @vizion_inpitch

picture of a women with red and black hair - goth hairstyles
For a hairstyle with impact, go for the two-tone goth look. Credit: Instagram.com/melinamalicious

10. Two-tone hair + glitter roots

Looking for goth hairstyles that practically scream party? Then it doesn’t get any more festive than this split-colour hairdo with glitter roots. It’s the perfect way to add a little bit of sparkle to your sultry, goth-inspired look. Credit@melinamalicious

Psst…This is how you can remove glitter from your hair post-Halloween.

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Back view of a girl with dark long hair that has been braided with a ribbon
Our fave cute goth hairstyle! Credit: Instagram.com/hair_by_kateb

11. Pretty plaits

Add a Victorian feel to your plaits by weaving a satin or velvet ribbon into your braided hairstyle. Not only will it instantly make your goth hairstyle look pretty, but the sight of your mad braiding skills will also make your friends green with hair-envy! Credit@hair_by_kateb

picture of a girl with a high top bun - goth hairstyle
Give this high top hairstyle a whirl and rock your inner goth. Credit: Instagram.com/vizion_inpitch

12. High top fade

What’s not to love about this goth hair look? It’s sweet, cropped and low-maintenance, which makes it a definite winner for busy naturalistas!

Take your hair game up to the next level for your party by teaming your ‘do with a fierce hair accessory. We love elasticated headbands worn across the forehead for that #gothicpartywarrior look. Credit@vizion_inpitch

Goth hairstyles: Front view of a women with long dark hair and a micro fringe
Sleek, dark and chic. Credit: Instagram.com/_dani_vegas_

13. Bettie Page-inspired bangs

Retro and gothic? Sounds like a strange mix, doesn’t it? But trust us, it does work.

Micro bangs are the secret to nailing this look, so just remember to curl your fringe slightly for a truly Bettie Page-meets-Elvira vibe. Credit@_dani_vegas_

front view of a girl with long dark hair and bright coloured highlights - goth hairstyles
The peekabo goth hairstyle we’re crushing on. Credit: Instagram.com/july.mary_

14. Peekaboo colour

Create a peekaboo effect by spraying your locks with temporary hair colours. It’s great way to discreetly tap into this season’s hottest hair trends without any of the commitment of permanent hair colour! Credit: @july.mary_

woman with medium length purple hair and matching purple lipstick for a colourful gothic look
We love these vibrant purple, head turning locks. Credit: Instagram.com/annathevoice

15. Vibrant purple

Let’s be honest, there’s no other vibrant hair hue that screams goth better than an almost fluorescent purple! This vivid colour will be sure to have heads turning wherever you go, especially if you pair it with a smokey eye and a stunning burgundy lip. Credit: @annathevoice

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Tip: If you’re considering dyeing your locks a cool gothic shade, then you’ll need to switch up your current wash and care system to help maintain your colour vibrancy. We suggest trying the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner.

Woman with dark hair that has been slicked back away from her face - goth hairstyles
Slicked-back hair to impress! Credit: Instagram.com/evelyn.ellis

16. Slicked-back

This slicked-back hairstyle subtly feeds into this season’s hottest trend: the wet-look. So do your best impression of Kim Kardashian with this glam vampire-inspired goth hairstyle and you’ll be ready to party ’til dawn. Credit: @evelyn.ellis