Go sparkly or go home with the new glitterage hair trend that has been dazzling social media

Well, that's our party hair sorted!   

If Christmas isn’t the time to go bold with your hair then we don’t know when is. Much like our dearly-loved festival season, December is all about getting a little glitter happy and adding a touch of glam to our lives – and our hair!

So when the glitterage hair trend started sweeping across our social channels, you can probably imagine the glee on our faces. Yep, the hair trend to end all hair trends has arrived just in time for this season’s festivities, and is sure to inspire your Christmas and New Years party look!

Glitterage hair is the new trend sparkling up our social media


back view of emerald green wavy long hair with glitter highlights
Glitterage hair is sweeping social media and we couldn;t be happier. Credit: Instagram.com/daniellewadehair

What is glitterage hair?

Much like the glitter rainbow hair trend that we’ve been loving this year, glitterage is a temporary hair technique that doesn’t use permanent colouring. Instead, stylists are using glitter hair gels to create the desired finish. No commitment hair colouring? Count us in! Credit: @daniellewadehair

side view of dark brown ombre hair with glitter highlights
Glitterage hair? Sign me up. Credit: Instagram.com/blondempire

How should I wear it?

Whether you go for accent pieces like this Instagrammer or for more subtle peekaboo highlights, you will be pleased to know there is no wrong way to wear the glitterage trend.

Using the same technique as balayage, glitter gel is painted freehand onto sections of the hair for an utterly showstopping effect. Credit: @blondempire

Editor’s tip: What better way to show off your new glitterage hairstyle than with gorgeous, mermaid-like waves? Just remember to seal in your waves with an all-over spritz of the VO5 Wave Creation Hairspray before and after styling to lock in the look.

back view of dark brown hair with multi coloured glitter highlights
How daring will you go? Credit: Instagram.com/ellevxiiv

What colour should I choose?

While we love hair colour trends in all their infinite variety, we must say that the reason we love glitterage so much is because no shade is off limits!

So if you’ve been searching your next sparkle fix ever since the glitter roots trend of the summer, it’s time to get acquainted with glitterage hair. Credit: @ellevxiiv

back view of light blonde hair with glitter highlights
Peekaboo sparkle. Credit: Instagram.com/rcrowmakeup

Do I have to go bold?

Now if you prefer something more subtle, this sparkly style will be bold enough to turn heads without the ‘look at me’ factor (discover more styles like this in our tinsel hair story).

But if you’re not still 100% convinced by this trend because of the clean up afterwards, rest assured that we have a selection of handy tips and tricks to help make getting rid of glitter from your tresses an easier experience. Credit: @rcrowmakeup


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