Glitter-parting tutorial with Sophie Hannah Richardson

Join the glitterati with this eye-catching hair tutorial!

Sophie Hannah Richardson with hidden braids and glitter parting on her blue-green hair



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Are you looking for a hairstyle which really stands out from the crowd? Perhaps you have a party coming up or a night out planned with the girls? Either way, we have the ultimate rave-ready look for you: the glitter parting.

Yes, this sparkling ‘do has become one of the hottest hair trends and we’re going to show you how to get the look in 3 easy steps! And lending us a helping hand is one of our favourite bloggers, hair chameleon Sophie Hannah Richardson. So, to dazzling the night away, find out how to get the glitter parting look, below.

Glitter parting tutorial in 3 easy steps


Prep hair.

Generously apply VO5 Tame & Shine Spray, this lightweight spray tames flyaways, adds shine and will help protect your hair against heat damage.

Blow-dry hair and divide it into sections, before starting to create waves using a medium-sized curling wand. Allow your waves to cool before gently running your fingers through your hair for a more natural tousled finish.

Afterward, use the tip of a comb to give your hair a cool festival-inspired zigzag parting.

VO5 - Style hacks - Sophie Richardson - blue hair -Glitter part

Create braids.

When your strands are completely dry, begin a 3-strand braid at the front of your hair – either side of your parting, securing with a clear hairband.

VO5 - Style hacks - Glitter part - braid front section

Final look.

For the final touch, spritz your zigzag parting with the VO5 Fixing Spray For Glitter, this will help keep your hair in place all day, without stickiness or flaking. 

Finally, carefully sprinkle one of the biodegradable VO5 coloured glitters onto your parting for a rebellious, rockstar finish. 

If it’s Sophie’s look you want to emulate, we suggest going for the VO5 Wicked Violet Hair Glitter, but the fun doesn’t need to stop there, as VO5 offer 5 other colour options too.

And there you have it, one of the biggest hair trends complete in 3 simple steps. Summer, here we come!

VO5 - Style hacks - Glitter part - model adding glitter down parting



a poster of VO5 with man and woman on the blue and pink background

You Will Need

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