Geode hair: The new colour trend taking over Instagram

Geology rocks!   

Looking to brighten your mane for the season ahead? Then let us tell you, that the latest geode hair colour trend sweeping through social media is solid as a rock. Get it? No? You will soon…

Honestly, with Instagram being the source of many great hair trends – think denim hues to unicorn curls, and even glow in the dark hair – it was no surprise that this is where we found this gem of a look. Which is why when we came across the new buzzword in hair, we did a little digging of our own…

Geode hair hues: The looks that rock

Stunning geode hair colour trend - Instagram
Turn heads with this stunning geode hair colour. Credit:

What do you get when you merge rainbow hair with firework hair (AKA 2 of the biggest mane trends of 2016)? Answer: Geode hair. Credit: @joicointensity 

Taking its name from the geological secondary structures which occur in certain sedimentary and volcanic rocks, this natural phenomenon also translates magically into a hair trend! Inspired by the insides of these rocks (which are lined with crystals or other mineral matter), geodes hold an incredible combination of colour. See for yourself…

Geode hair - Instagram
This Geode look rocks!

When it comes to hair, geode colours tend to work best on darker tresses, as the combination of purple, blue and green instantly lifts darker locks, taking them to a whole new level of stunning! After all, life is too short for boring hair, so why not take a plunge and try out this daring new look? Credit: @joicointensity 

Wavy geode hair - Instagram
Geode hair looks great on wavy tresses. Credit:

To achieve geode hair you may be required to lighten your locks – so achieving this look is best left for the pros. Once bleached, an amethyst hue is applied to the mid-section of your locks and a moonstone blue shade to the very tips.

The trick is to avoid adding any colour to the roots of the hair so you achieve a seamless transition. What happens next is the 2 tones are blended together by hand, for a stunningly visual finish with no harsh colour lines. Credit: @mizzchoi 

geode hair trend with hidden colours
Geode hair trend: Work it in your underlayers. Credit:

Now, not only is geode hair perfect for a statement colour change, this look will carry you through festival season with ease, too. Apply glitter to the roots of your mane for added geode effect, or really show off your new colour with some fun space buns! Credit: @hairbymuriel 

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