gender fluid hair Ashley Williams SS17

Gender fluid hair: How Toni&Guy and LFW are changing the hair game

Hair has no boundaries...

Over the weekend, the All Things Hair team attended the TONI&GUY Products Style Hub at London Fashion Week, where we learnt all about gender fluid hair!

In this day and age, the boundaries between masculine and feminine are becoming increasingly blurred: we’re seeing gender fluid hair and clothes far more than ever before, both on and off the catwalks – and TONI&GUY are exploring what this means for the fashion world. Want to know what it’s all about? Then keep on scrolling and discover what it really means to be androgynous now.

gender fluid hair Ashley Williams SS17
Gender fluid hair at Ashley Williams SS17. Credit: TONI&GUY Products.

What is gender fluid hair?

Gender fluid hairstyles are styles that aren’t fixed to one gender: they can be worn by all genders, and they don’t represent ideals such as masculine or feminine. For example, a buzz cut may be a hairstyle that’s stereotypically associated with men, but infact, it can, and has been, worn by many women. In the same way, long beachy waves can also be donned by girls, as well as guys! Get it?

Who supports gender fluid hair?

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TONI&GUY believes in expressing personal style without limits or judgements, and we’re totally with them! Other firm supporters of gender fluid hair are TONI&GUY Global Hair Ambassador Indira Schauwecker, Cozette McCreery, one half of the fashion duo behind Sibling London (above right), and Anna Trevelyan, Fashion Director of Machine A (above left). So we sat down with these industry experts to get their take on gender fluid hair – and here’s what they had to say…

I hope that as human beings with different characters, some of us will continue wearing whatever we darn well want. [Fashion and beauty] aren’t tied to gender. – Cozette McCreery.

“There’s a real ‘I use yours, you use mine’ attitude to hair products and styling that is really supporting this movement.” – Indira Schauwecker.

“I think it’s becoming more and more about personal choice and style. For me, I’m more inspired by a person than a trend.” – Anna Trevelyan.

Indira Schauwecker gender fluid hair
Indira Schauwecker’s top 2 gender fluid products. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Indira’s top 2 gender fluid hair products

TONI&GUY 3D Volumiser Spray (£7.49*)

“I think everyone associates voluminous products with women, however I see lots of men asking for more volume in their hair – and why not? This spray gives any flat, fine hair that added boost – whether you’re male or female.”

TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax (£7.49*)

“I love this product for prepping hair, as it gives texture and definition. However, my favourite look to create with it is a slicked-back look. Just apply to long hair for an extreme evening style, or spray a little onto shorter hair for a more natural lived-in look!”

So, are you ready to start championing gender fluid hairstyles yet? We know we are!

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