Ukrainian flower crowns (more than just a hair accessory!)

Flower crowns: beautiful and symbolic? Sign us up!

If you haven’t seen the beautiful flower crowns taking over Instagram, then where on Earth have you been hiding? For those of you new to flower crown trend, let us start by stating, that there’s more to these statement hair accessories than meets the eye.

Scroll down to find out more, or click through our gallery to see the very best of these pretty Ukrainian-inspired hair accessories.

8 inspiring flower crowns & the meaning behind the vinok

A blonde woman looking down and wearing a Ukrainian Flower crown AKA vinok
These flowers are apart of Ukrainian history. Credit: juliatimoshenko

These floral crowns are, in fact, part of traditional Ukrainian culture, and is typically worn by girls and women on festive occasions and holy days. Interesting, right? Credit: @juliatimoshenko_666

Flower crowns: Blonde woman with large rose vinok from Instagram
Ukrainian flower crowns: It’s more than just a pretty hair accessory. Credit:

While it seems that these flowery accessories look like an interesting way to style your mane for a festival or an Instagram-worthy selfie – which, of course, they are – there is actually more to it than that. Credit: @litomiskyphotography

Editor’s tip: Spray your hair with the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray before positioning your flower crown. It’ll give you ultra-light hold, control any annoying flyaways and give your hair a glossy finish.

Flower crowns: Brunette woman with rose vinok from Instagram
The flower crown is also known as a ‘vinok’. Credit:

This traditional flower wreath (or crown, as it is commonly referred to) is, in fact, a symbolic headdress to the Ukrainian people. Credit: @rachel.elspeth.gross

Brunette woman with tropical vinok-inspired flower crown
Flowers crowns are known for symbolising purity. Credit:

The now trending flower crown aesthetic, known traditionally as the ‘vinok’, has apparently been growing in popularity ever since the Ukrainian revolution in 2014, and is worn for special occasions as a symbol of purity. Credit: @ashleyraestudio

Flower crowns: 2 Ukrainian women in traditional grab and vinok
Ukrainian flower crowns photographs by Treti Pivni. Credit:

However, these flower crowns aren’t just worn for festive occasions or holy days anymore – they are fast becoming an everyday way to pay respect to Ukraine’s folk traditions. And luckily for us, photographers, artists (like Treti Pivni), and Instagrammers are starting to take notice of these patriotic hair accessories and pretty flower crowns, to show us all the beautiful ways it can be worn. Credit: @third_roosters

Flower crowns: Brunette woman with large natural vinok or 'flower crown' from Instagram
We love what these ‘flower crowns’ represent! Credit:

Who knew that national pride could be so pretty, eh? Credit: @le-baiser-de-la-mariee

Brunette woman with white vinok-inspired flower crown wearing a wedding dress
Flower crowns also make the perfect wedding hair accessory. Credit:

We love how flower crowns have become a popular hair accessory for brides, festival-goers and much, much more. Credit: @sweetnaturedphotography

Blonde woman with a tropical large flower crown and beach hair
How will you rock your flower crown? Credit:

Have these stunning floral headdresses inspired you to rock a hot new accessory in your mane? Credit: @houseofhaku



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