Light up the sky with these fireworks-inspired hair colours

Give the colourful fireworks a run for their money with one of these hot hair hues!

Now that Halloween is over, you might be thinking the hair fun is all over until Christmas. But what many of us forget, is that there’s another important night where we can celebrate with a hot new hairstyle: Bonfire Night! And to make this event even more special this year, we’ve decided to share our favourite fireworks-inspired hair colours with you.

Inspired by the colourful Catherine wheels and rockets, we’ve searched high and low on Instagram for the most spectacular hair hues, so that your hair can look as flaming hot as the bonfire! So, to bang, sparkle and fizz like a magnificent firework, check out our gallery above, and read on to get the lowdown on each look.

8 blazing firework-inspired hair colour styles for Bonfire Night

Fireworks hair colours: Side profile of a woman with a dark brunette A-line bob with a streak of red and orange
Autumn vibes all round. Credit:

1. Firelighter highlights

This Instagrammer has nailed the Bonfire Night look with her subtle streaks of fiery red and orange, the perfect understated nod to autumn. Credit: @aliciahairwizardcaruso

Firework hair colours: Side profile of a woman with an A-line bob with neon highlights
There’s never been a better time to go neon. Credit:

2. Neon lights

One of the things that makes fireworks so captivating is the way that they light up against the darkness, so why not emulate the effect with your hair colour?

Sticking to a dark base colour will make any neon highlights pop even more, plus give the appearance of a spiraling firework in motion! Credit: @copyofacopy

Firework hair colour: Woman with shoulder length curled hair in hot purple and orange shades
Flaming hot hues are a must. Credit:

3. Burning brights

Of course it’s not just the fireworks that make up the celebrations, we can’t forget about Guy Fawkes and the bonfire!

For a look that rivals the burning embers, use the balayage technique to combine auburn, red and purple hues for a too-hot-to-handle style. Credit: @newidentitieshairstudio

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Firework hair colours: Side profile of a woman with an aline purple bob with bangs with bright orange and teal highlights
We’re loving this deep purple with pops of colour. Credit:

4. Purple flash

If you ask us, fireworks-inspired hair can only mean one thing – bright, blazing colours. And this Instagrammer nails the look with her orange, blue and purple locks.

When mixed together, using a vivid purple as your base colour, these shades work harmoniously to create the perfect bonfire hue! Credit: @monarchhairco

Firework hair colours: Side profile picture of a woman with shoulder length rainbow coloured hair
Just like the night sky. Credit:

5. Colour explosion

If you’re looking for a real colour explosion, look no further than this lovely lady! Styled into messy waves, this bright mane (featuring shades of green, yellow, blue, purple and pink) reminds us of the mesmerising spin of a Catherine wheel. Credit: @bhiroe

Tip: Struggling to work the green shade into this look? Then learn how to pull it off with our expert advice, here!

Firework hair colours: Back view of a woman with dark ashy hair and multicoloured balayage
Ashier tones give a smoky, foggy feel. Credit:

6. Smoky shades

If you’re a little nervous about trying the trend and going all in with the hair dye, why not try working these hues into the under layers of your tresses? Just take a look at these hidden rainbow hairdos as inspo! Credit: @salonmilan_bricknj

Tip: To show off your Bonfire Night hair colours, and to help them blend more fluidly together, curl your hair for extra texture and movement.

Firework hairstyles: Back view of a woman with multicoloured pink to yellow to green ombre curly hair
Light up the sky with this bright ‘do. Credit:

7. Up in flames

Are you a brave and devoted hair-dyeing veteran? Then this may the be bonfire-approved colour combination you’ve been waiting for.

By mixing together fuschias, oranges, yellows and green, these hues will give you an eccentric explosion of colour that’ll have everyone watching your mane and not the fireworks! Credit: @valrocksyourhair

Firework hair colour: Back shot of a woman with blonde long hair with faded coloured pastel highlights
Wash-in wash-out colours are perfect for the commitment-phobes. Credit:

8. Pastel rainbow

If flashy colours aren’t quite your thing, fret not, as you can still emulate the look of firework hair, just in a more subtle way!

For something a little less dramatic, but nonetheless stunning, try sticking to more muted, pastel hues. It’ll give you the same rainbow effect, just in a softer finish that fades less noticeably. Credit: @thehairstylish


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