21 festival-ready hair accessories that are far from boring!

Time to take your festival hair game to the next level!

Let’s be honest: one of the reasons we love festival season is because it’s the perfect excuse for us to get dressed up, style our hair differently, enjoy fantastic music, and (hopefully) the British summer sun! Now, if you’re bored of your go-to hairstyle, and are in dire need of a style refresh, you can easily liven up your look with some cute hair accessories.

We know, we know: finding the right hair accessory isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially since there are so many choices. But luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the best festival hair accessories, (expertly chosen to suit your hair type and length!) to help you beat hair boredom, stat!

21 festival hair accessories that’ll elevate your mane game

Festival hair accessories: Side view of woman with dark brown green ombre shoulder-length hair with micro bangs styled with two yellow sunflower hair clips at Lovebox festival 2018.
Rise, shine and hold your head high. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Floral clips

Fancy a change from your usual flower crown? Then add floral hair clips to your new year festival look. No matter what festival hairstyle you choose to wear this year, this added touch will instantly brighten up your tresses.

Festival hair accessories: Woman with grey ombre box braids styled in a half-up, half-down ponytail secured with a scrunchie.
Oh yes, the scrunchie is still going strong. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

2. Scrunchies

You may have heard this already, but scrunchies are the latest hair accessory. Worn on the heads of all the bloggers and street style stars, this ’90s loved hair tie needs to be in your hair kit this year. No ifs, buts, or maybes!

Festival hair accessories: Side view of blonde woman sitting on the grass with her hair in a high ponytail styled with a chain crown at Lovebox 2018.
Chain crowns will glitz up your festival hair. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. Chain crown

Chain crowns are brilliant for decorating the simplest of styles. So whether you rock an everyday ponytail or the most glamorous waves, add a touch of glitz with a chain crown.

The best thing is, with so many chain crowns to choose from, you’ll be able to pick one that perfectly complements the rest of your outfit!

toni guy twisted texture creation hairspray

Editor’s tip: Add texture to your locks while sealing in your style with a spritz of TONI&GUY Tousled Texture Creation Hairspray. Simple scrunch hair while spraying for added definition.

Festival hair accessories: Woman with long dark brown wavy hair styled with a black cap with sunglasses sitting on top
Who said caps were just reserved for sports? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

4. Caps

Work that athleisure trend by teaming your festival outfit with a cap. Great for so many reasons; moving around incognito, shielding your eyes from the summer rays and of course, the best reason, looking stylish.

Festival hair accessories: Side view of woman with dark brown bob length hair styled with bright snap clips wearing sunglasses sitting on the grass.
If it’s good enough for Bella Hadid… Credit: Verity Jane Smith

5. Snap clips

The runway is full of surprising hair trends and after seeing snap clips dominate the most recent catwalks, we couldn’t be happier to see their appearance at a string of festivals this year.

Not sure how to wear snap clips? Thankfully there are a host of looks to try; sleek ponytails, messy waves or like this festival babe, with a simple bob.

Festival hair accessories: Back view of a blonde girl with medium length hair styled in double French braids with a light pink stretch headband.
Sports chic. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

6. Headbands

With all the dancing you’ll be doing, a sports headband is the perfect addition to your look. Wear yours with a braided ‘do for a sporty chic finish.

Festival hair accessories: Woman with naturally curly hair styled in a half-up, half-down bun wrapped in a headscarf
A headscarf will give your tresses a boho finish. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

7. Headscarves

This versatile, patterned headscarves can be worn in a number of ways, just take a look at this summer fave half-half-down bun – it’ll have you running to buy one ASAP.

Festival hair accessories: Woman at Lovebox 2018 with a sharp bob length hair worn with a bucket hat
Too cool for school. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

8. Bucket hats

With the likes of Rihanna and man of the moment Skepta, lovers of the bucket hat you can expect to see plenty of this hair accessory at the festivals this year.

Festivals accessories: woman with a pink flower garland in medium length brown hair
It’s florals all the way this festival season! Credit: Instagram.com/blossomingflorist

9. Flower garlands

Flower crowns and garlands are great festival accessories for ladies that have fringes, as not only can they help frame the face and really highlight those beautiful bangs, but you also have free rein on the floral arrangement, making this look is super versatile. Credit: @blossomingflorist

woman with afro hair decorated with beautiful flowers outside
You’ll be a blooming beauty with this look! Credit: Instagram.com/modices

10. Flower afro

Happen to have a gorgeous afro hairstyle? Instead of getting bored of it, why not decorate your beautiful coils and curls with flowers, like this mega-babe has done?

The great part is, the shape of your curls will help hold the flowers perfectly in place! Pretty amazing, right? Credit: @modices

woman with dyed grey hair and a temporary silver tattoo
It’s time to get a hair tattoo! Credit: Instagram.com/odelaune

11. Hair tattoos

Just because you have fine hair, that doesn’t mean it’s a definite no-no for festival accessories.

Okay, we know temporary hair tattoos aren’t strictly considered accessories, but we here at All Things Hair we think they’re a great way to dress up your tresses without having to put anything too weighty into your mane. Credit: @odelaune

woman with gold leaf hair foiled hair on instagram
All that glitters is your gold mane! Credit: Instagram.com/barnitmcr

12. Hair foil

Think you’re “too old” to pull off glitter roots? Well, why not give its sophisticated counterpart ( AKA hair foiling!) a try, instead?

Adding a few metallic foils to your mane will not only make you look like a Grecian Goddess but will also stylishly get you out of a hair rut in a matter of seconds (yay!). Credit: @barnitmcr

Editor’s tip: Fixing foil to your tresses may seem super easy, but you can still benefit from a  little help from VO5 Fixing Spray For Glitter.

Great for fixing glitter to your hair, this nifty spray is a festival hair essential.

woman with mermaid crown hairstyle and glittery makeup
Under the sea! Credit: Instagram.com/bohipsies

13. Mermaid crowns

This may look like something Ariel would wear, but thanks to its ornately embellished nature, we think it will totally make your mane conversation-worthy. Do tell us more! Credit: @bohipsies

Festivals accessories: black and white women with headwraps
Scarf hair, don’t care! Credit: Instagram.com/divaheadwraps

14. Scarf wrap

Looking for a low-maintenance way to wear your hair? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at All Things Hair, we think everyone should make the head wrap their new BFF during festival season – mainly because it can hide a multitude of hair sins (ahem, day 3 hair)! Credit: @divaheadwraps

woman with bobby pins festival hairstyle
Runway-worthy hair in a pinch? Yes, please! Credit: Instagram.com/suniyajilani

15. Bobby pinned hairstyle

Honestly, is there anything bobby pins can’t do? For a festival style that’s beyond impressive and catwalk-approved, just randomly throw in some bobby pins (in a pattern of your choice!) and set the look with hairspray. Credit: @suniyajilani

TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray Front

Editor’s tip: What to know what our fave hairspray is? TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray! This long-lasting product will keep your mane in place all day. Amazing, right?

woman with blonde hair styled into an updo with bun cuff
Take your bun or pony to new heights! Credit: Instagram.com/mykitsch

16. Bun cuff

Is that a bun cuff we spy? Add one to your messy ponytail or bun hairstyle as a charming accent and just watch as the compliments the pour in! Credit: @mykitsch

woman with short hair with stickers in it at a festival
Stickers aren’t just for paper, don’t you know? Credit: Instagram.com/niophlex.rus

17. Hair stickers

Looking for a new way to style short hair? Elevate your ‘do in a jiffy with a few stickers, a la the picture above, and you won’t need to worry. Now you just have to decide which outfit to rock with your funky stickers! Credit: @niophlex.rus

Festivals accessories: hair piecrings in Asian hair
Hair piercings are hot-to-trot! Credit: Instagram.com/styleblogca

18. Hair rings

Thinking about rocking braids to your next festival? A quick and easy to way to highlight your look is by adding hair rings into the mix.

Before you baulk at our suggestion, check out this Instagrammer’s pretty, pierced hairdo – it’s the perfect way to work a high-impact look with something so simple! Credit: @styleblogca

Festival hair accessories: Side view of blonde woman with hair in high ponytail with some strands covered with a blue hair wrap
Wrapped strands will give your tresses a hippie vibe. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

19. Hair wraps

Lacking inspiration for your hair this summer? Why not try some hair wraps as the perfect boho-inspired accessory for your dreadlocks? Simply pick your favourite colours and start wrapping!

And what’s great, is that hair wraps can be incorporated with other accessories, too – you know, in case you really can’t decide on a look.

woman with milkmaid braid with ribbon weaved through
Weave ribbon through your braid for an ethereal finish! Credit: Instagram.com/ameliabhair

20. Ribbon Braids

While most of you might think that ribbons are reserved only for the playground, the latest styles we’ve been seeing on Instagram are showing us how stylish it can look — especially with pretty plaits.

This playful hair accessory brings heaps of creativity to the table but also exudes boho, It-girl vibes. Boring hair? Not here! Credit: @ameliabhair

festival hair trend: rita ora with tiara hairstyle wearing denim
Rita Ora rocking the tiara hair trend. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

21. Tiara hair

Prefer to show off your locks by wearing them down? Effortlessly channel modern-day princess vibes with a glitzy tiara headpiece! For maximum style points, pair this glam look with some beachy waves and get ready to #slay. Well, if it’s good enough for Rita Ora






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