How to do fake locs: Tutorials for with and without extensions!

Love fake locs? Well, now you create the look from the comfort of your home with our video tutorial with Mini Marley, below. 

Fake dreadlocks: Black young woman from Afropunk with half-up dreadlock hairstyle


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Zendaya and Ciara are just a couple of stars that have dabbled with fabulous fake dreadlocks – and we’re not surprised, because this ‘do is cool, practical, and actually super easy to do.

But the best part? If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting dreadlocks (or always wanted to rock the look), our tutorials for creating fake locs will give you all of the impact with none of the commitment or meticulous creation time! Great news for anyone that’s time-poor or easily gets bored of hairstyles.

How to do fake locs with extensions

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Crochet faux locs tutorial with Mini Marley

If we’re being completely honest: while we love dreadlocks, this less permanent version may be even better to master.

So, want to know how to get the look? Sure you do. Watch crochet faux locs video tutorial, above, with one of our favourite naturalistas Mini Marley!

How to do fake locs without extensions

1. To start this look, begin with clean hair: fresh locks will help this look last longer. Gently brush your hair to remove any tangles so your hair is snag-free and ready for separation in the following steps.

2. Starting from the underneath, take a small section of hair (roughly 1 inch) to create your first fake dread.

Don’t worry if your sections aren’t ultra neat or precise – this look works best with an undone, effortless edge, so it’ll add to the overall aesthetic.

3. Spray your first section of hair with a texturising spray, like the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray, for grip, and gently tease the hair using a teasing comb.

4. Divide your teased section into two equal pieces, then twist them around one another tightly to create your first fake dread.

5. Continue to twist your hair until you get to the end your tresses. Thanks to the texture of your hair, and the tight twist you’ve created, you should find your dread will stay in place without a band (if it doesn’t, try adding a little wax to the tips).

6. Repeat this twisting process until you’ve completed the lower half of your head. At this point, the choice is yours: you can tie the top half of your hair into a messy top knot and leave your dread look there – it’s a cool take on the currently trending ‘hun’ hairstyle!





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