emoji hair trend: close up shot of 3 girls with emoji in their hair posing

We tried the emoji hair trend and now we’re never posting a regular selfie again!

What emoji will you choose? ?

In case you haven’t heard, #emojihair is going viral on social media and we’re not talking about the Lottie Tomlinson emoji-inspired hair tapestry trend. In fact, it’s something a lot simpler: editing your photos and putting your fave emojis all over your hair.

The best thing about it? Everyone can get behind it, without having to do much (except for rocking your favourite hairstyle, of course!). So, to show you how much fun it is, the ATH editors have tried it out, so you don’t have to…

? We try the emoji hair trend ?

close up shot of Amra (ATH Editor) with side box braids ponytail with emoji all over it
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Amra Markic, Junior Beauty Editor

“I’m rocking a side-swept box braids ponytail today and to get in on this fun emoji hair trend, I’ve decided to go with some diamonds, sparkles and pink ribbon emojis to jazz up my hair. This trend reminds me of the sticker hair one, but this one is very easy to get behind (especially if you have hundreds of selfies on your phone and have no intention of deleting them!).”

emoji hair trend: shot of Leona (ATH editor) with short hair with food all over it emoji with black top
Love food? Then try this out!

Leona English, Junior Beauty Editor

“What’s my most used emoji? Food-inspired ones of course! So, to profess my love for it, I added some food emojis into my beachy waves and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it: my short mane looks good enough to eat!”

Editor’s tip: Love using heat to create your waves? Who doesn’t?! Prime and protect your hair before styling and tackle flyaways with the VO5 Express Primer Spray to give your waves a wonderful finish.

emoji hair trend: shot of Beth (ATH Editor) with long blonde hair with cat and love heart emoji in it
Cat hair, don’t care!

Beth Strong, Junior Beauty Editor

“My long blonde hair felt flat today and what better way to disguise that than with a bunch of cat and star emojis?! Do I feel cute? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes, but I only wish it could look like this all the time IRL.”

Emoji hair trend: 3 examples we’re loving


In this example, this Instagram babe has chosen to amp her gorgeous chocolate brown hair colour with nature-themed emojis, which perfectly match the outdoor setting she’s in.


When we spotted this colourful picture, we couldn’t stop staring! Everything from the make-up to the gorgeous half-up, half-down bantu knots is giving us major envy.


Want to flaunt your gorgeous afro hairstyle on the gram? Then you need to take note of this Instagrammer’s mane and go all out with emojis. No matter what you pick, you’ll have everyone (including us!) double-tapping.


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