You Can Get Gorgeous Curls Using a Dressing Gown Tie (Yes, Really!)

You might not be able to leave the house to get your hair done, but you can use your dressing gown to get amazing curls.

If you’re bored of wearing the same messy bun or ponytail hairstyles every day, we’ve got just the thing: gorgeous, heatless curls that you can create using a dressing grown tie. How? By wrapping your damp hair around the tie and keeping it in overnight, so you can wake up to beautiful waves.

This genius curling hack has been making its rounds on TikTok and Instagram because it actually works and leaves you with salon-worthy hair.

Want to know how to get dressing gown curls? Follow these easy steps:

How to Get Dressing Gown Curls

Step 1:  Start with damp hair, as you want your hair to set in place around the dressing gown tie.

Step 2: Clip your dressing gown tie in place and split your hair into two sections.

Step 3: Take the first section of hair and twist it around your dressing gown belt, from top to bottom, and then secure. Repeat this action on the other section.

Step 4: Catch up on your beauty sleep, while your dressing gown curls form.

Step 5: In the morning, unravel your curls and shake them out! If you want to smooth your dressing gown curls out, apply hair oil, like the VO5 Invisibly Light Hair OilThis will soften your hair and make your waves shine.

Step 6: That’s it! Gorgeous dressing gown hair curls, in under 6 steps.

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Hair Expert, @tilly_penn_hair, is showing us how to get heatless waves using a dressing gown tie (we can't believe it either!). Follow these easy steps to get this gorgeous #WFHhair look 👇 . . 1. Start with damp hair 2. Place a folded dressing gown tie on your head and secure it with a clip 3. Divide your hair into two sections 4. Take the first section and wrap your hair around the dressing gown, as if you were creating a braid 5. Secure and repeat 6. Get some beauty sleep! 7. Undo the style, shake it out and that's it 💕 . . #dressinggowncurls #bathrobecurls #hairhack #overnightcurls #ighair #overnighthairtutorial #noheat #hairgoals #wednesdaywisdom #stayhome #hairtrend #heatlesscurls #hairvideo #hairshow #viral #tiktok #behindthechair

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Got short hair? Curling your hair with a dressing gown tie might not work on your length, but there’s no need to fret: you can use socks to create perfect curls at home.

Editor’s tip: If you really want to take your dressing gown curls to the next level, try using the VO5 Overnight Curl Cream on your damp hair, before creating this heatless look.

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