DNA braids AKA Instagram’s most scientific new hair trend

Good genes!

Have you ever thought “wouldn’t it be great if I could make my hair look like DNA?” No? Well, neither did we but DNA braids are the latest hair trend going viral on Instagram and it’s fast becoming one of the season’s most talked-about looks.

Inspired by the double-helix structure of DNA molecules, DNA braids are essentially a twist on fishtail braids, which are entwined together to form a spiral. It’s thanks to their impressive intricacy that the look has already gone global with many hair enthusiasts taking on the challenge.

Whether you’re a science lover (in which case, isn’t this look just a dream?) or you’re just an admirer of braids, see a selection of the DNA braids floating around out there on the interwebs, below.

Instagram is going all scientific on us with its newest hair craze – DNA braids

Back view of a woman with long, straight, multicoloured pastel hair in multiple half-up DNA braids.
Hello #hairgoals. Credit: Instagram.com/alexandralee1016

Pastel spirals

Also known as the 3 strand fishtail braid, if you can do a regular fishtail braid you’re already halfway to creating the DNA braid.

The only difference is that instead of dividing the hair into 2 sections and then taking small sections from each larger section and bringing them into the middle, you start by splitting your hair into 3 instead.

You’ll then need to take a small piece of hair from the furthest left strand, bring it underneath the left section, weave it over the middle, then bring it into the right section.

Just alternate between taking pieces from the right and left sections and you’ll see that the braid will begin to twist around on itself. Credit: @alexandralee1016

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Woman with pastel mint green hair styled in two pigtail DNA braids.
Double the fun! Credit: Instagram.com/braidgren


DNA braids are the coolest way to give pigtails a grown-up twist, creating a more unique, detailed result. So, the next time you go to put your hair in plaits, why not try them DNA style?

Take note of the way this braider has used small sections of her own hair to hide her hair ties at the end of her braids – you can give this a go if you want a seamless look or alternatively, you could use clear elastics. Credit: @braidgren

Editor’s tip: Before braiding apply a smoothing product like the VO5 Frizz Free Cream through your hair to smooth down any rough hair or frizz. This will help keep your braid looking smooth and polished which is better for showing off the detailed strands.

Close up shot of a woman with long brunette hair in a side braided DNA braid, wearing a green and pink plaid shirt.
Intricate but casual. Credit: Instagram.com/braids_in_action

Side braid

The trend also works well as a side braid and be can dress up or down. But in our option, you can afford to dressed-down a little with this style as this braid is so statement and attention demanding! Credit: @braids_in_action

Back view of a woman with ash blonde/grey long straight hair in a half-up half-down DNA braid.
What do you mean you’ve never tried double helix hair?! Credit: Instagram.com/beautyandbraidsbytori

Half-up, half-down

Have very thick, long hair? The more hair, the better when it comes to braids, but if you’re after a way to still show off your length, this half-up, half-down ticks all the boxes. Credit: @beautyandbraidsbytori

Back view of a woman with very long brunette hair in a braided ponytail made up of DNA braids and other mix and match braiding styles.
Mix and match your braids for a Daenerys-like look. Credit: Instagram.com/hair.beautybykenzee

Mix + match

We all have that one friend that’s crazily good at braiding, and if you don’t, then it’s probably you!

This stunning hairstyle incorporates 3 different braids in 1, so why not attempt to combine DNA braids with one of the styles you already love? You might just find a new favourite combo. Waterfall braid into a DNA braid, perhaps? Credit: @hair.beautybykenzee

Close up shot of a woman with light brown hair in a DNA braided ponytail wearing a black baker boy hat.
Can’t forget to accessorise! Credit: Instagram.com/its.ok.im.a.hairstylist


Want something understated? We love the way this Instagrammer’s DNA braid is poking out from beneath her baker boy hat (nope, that trend’s not going anywhere!). It just adds that extra detail to her outfit without looking too try hard, making it a fab look for the weekend.

Plus, there’s no heat needed to get this look either, so if you’re on a self-imposed straighteners ban, this is perfect. Credit: @its.ok.im.a.hairstylist


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