Disney hairstyles: Photo of a cosplayer dressed as Disney's Moana with long curly dark hair and oversized white floral crown

16 Disney Hairstyles to Add a Little Magic to Your Halloween

Princess or villain, these Disney inspired hairstyles will guarantee your best Halloween look yet! 

Bored of glittery sugar skulls and vampires for Halloween? Then how about turning to your childhood favourite Disney hairstyles for inspiration?

We’ve all got memories of Disney in some form or another, whether that was playing dress-up as a princess or wrecking havoc as a villain (anyone else love Maleficent more than Aurora?). So what better way to switch things up for All Hallows Eve than returning to those fairy tale days?!

From Tinkerbell to Cinderella, and Ariel to Ursula, these Disney inspired hairstyles are all you need to make your Halloween look complete.


Disney hairstyles: Photo of a cosplayer dressed as Disney's Moana with long curly dark hair and oversized white floral crown
Unleash your inner adventurer with this Moana inspired style. Credit: Instagram.com/spacecat.cosplay

Transport yourself to the island of Motunui this Halloween with Moana’s beachy tumbling curls. Curl your hair into tight corkscrew curls and don’t forget the flower crown – after all, she is the future chief of the island! Credit: @spacecat.cosplay


Disney hairstyles: Back view of a woman with brown half-up curly hair like Belle from Beauty and the Beast
You’ll be the Belle of the ball! Credit: Instagram.com/hairbybrend

Dreaming of more than this provincial life? Of all the Disney princess hairstyles you could choose from, Belle’s is one of the prettiest. Style your hair into a loose half-up bun, wrap around a yellow ribbon and you’ll be ready to meet your Beast. Credit: @hairbybrend


Disney hairstyles: Side view of a woman with blonde hair in a bun and a Tinkerbell costume
Become the fairy you’ve always wanted to be! Credit: Instagram.com/maidofmight

You can’t go wrong as Peter Pan‘s adorable side kick. With a sweet, high-top bun, pretty face-framing fringe and rocking headband, there’s nothing not to love about this Disney-inspired hairstyle. Halloween sorted! Credit: @maidofmight


Disney hairstyles: Back view of a woman with long bronde hair in a Rapunzel style braid
The most famous locks in fairytale land! Credit: Instagram.com/ladyamalthea84

A style that needs no introduction, Rapunzel must have the most famous locks of them all  and for good reason. Who hasn’t dreamt of having such lengthy golden locks?

Whether you have naturally long hair (congrats to you) or you’ve enlisted the help of some extensions, try weaving a braided bubble ponytail this Halloween to make your mane even more magical. Credit: @ladyamalthea84


Disney hairstyles: Side view of a blonde woman with a curly updo and gold headband
Proof that a good hairstyle can change your life! Credit: Instagram.com/purpleoliveweddings

Some people think that it was Cinderella’s fairy godmother and the glass slippers that changed her life. We beg to differ. With a gorgeous updo like this, we’re sure you’ll catch the eye of a prince charming or two this Halloween! Credit: @purpleoliveweddings

Editor’s tip: If you want to add some serious body to your tresses reach for the TONI&GUY Body Amplify Creation Hairspray, which will build volume at the roots, giving your locks some extra oomph!

Cruella de Vil

Disney hairstyles: Woman dressed in a Cruella de Vil costume with white and black long straight wig
Grab your best wig and get ready to become a villain. Credit: Instagram.com/jelkajpg

See yourself as more of a villainess than a princess? There are plenty of evil Disney hairstyles you could try, but none more instantly recognisable than Cruella de Vil!

Grab yourself a wig and don that faux fur, for a spook-tacular look! Just please don’t hurt any puppies in the process, please. Credit: @jelkajpg

Snow White

Disney hairstyles: Woman dressed in a Snow White costume with jet black curly short hair
Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow… Credit: Instagram.com/kirstiemydear

If you’re on the hunt for vintage Disney hairstyles this Halloween, we think that Snow White’s curly bob is simply lovely. Think neatly styled, dyed black locks, for a picture-perfect, princess look! Credit: @kirstiemydear


Disney hairstyles: Back view of a woman with bright red long hair in a loose braid inspired by Disney's The Little Mermaid Ariel
Bright red locks could only belong to Ariel. Credit: Instagram.com/kellymccormickhair

What we wouldn’t give to have Ariel’s shocking red, flowing locks…

This cherry red colour will certainly get you noticed this Halloween and the Pinterest-worthy braids work equally well under the sea and on land! Credit: @kellymccormickhair


Disney hairstyles: Woman dressed up as Ursula from The Little Mermaid with slicked back mint green hair
A Disney inspired hairstyle fit for a villain! Credit: Instagram.com/lexiangelina

If it’s the Disney villains that get your attention, then The Little Mermaid’s darkest character will fit the bill nicely! Grab a friend to go as Ariel for Halloween and you’ve got the perfect double act! Credit: @lexiangelina

Editor’s tip: To get that fresh-out-of-the-sea look, apply a generous amount of the VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray to your locks. This will give you the wet-look strands this ‘do calls for, plus an unbeatable hold!


Disney hairstyles: Woman with face painted as a deer with two top knot hair buns as ears
Who doesn’t love Bambi? Credit: Instagram.com/chloegracemakeup

If your goal is to look utterly adorable this Halloween with some cute Disney hairstyles, Bambi is surely the obvious option!

This look is all about the macaroon bun ‘ears’, lashes and face paint, which means you don’t need to go overboard on your costume – so a good option if you’ve left it ’til the last minute. Credit: @chloegracemakeup

Merida from Brave

Disney hairstyles: Close-up selfie of a red head with long curly hair like Merida in Disney's Brave
Channel one of Disney’s bravest princesses! Credit: Instagram.com/gretakg

If you’re a natural redhead and you fancy a Disney princess hairstyle that doesn’t require tonnes of work, Princess Merida is the lass for you!

Tease your locks into voluminous tresses and practice your best Scottish accent, for your easiest Halloween look yet! Credit: @gretakg


Disney hairstyles: Woman with dark hair dressed as Maleficent with horns made out of her hair and green and purple eye makeup
Take your hair to wicked new heights with this Maleficent-inspired ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/apbeauties

As one of Disney’s most misunderstood characters, we have a special place in our hearts for Maleficent. Plus, you can have tonnes of fun re-creating this look for Halloween. Work your hair into Maleficent-eque horns, grab your cape and get ready to spread some terror! Credit: @apbeauties

Aladdin’s Jasmine

Disney hairstyles: Woman with long dark hair worn in two bubble pigtails and accessorised with flowers, wearing a tie dye dress
Get ready to fly that magic carpet with these Jasmine locks! Credit: Instagram.com/thefashionisha

Arabian princess Jasmine has a very enviable head of hair to say the least. Inspired by her signature puffy ponytail, this Instagrammer has gone one step further and opted for two bubble ponytails.

Note that for this style you need rather long, fairy-tale like locks (but don’t worry if you have short hair, you can always get a helping hand from some extensions – or a genie!) Credit: @thefashionisha

Frozen’s Elsa

Disney hairstyles: Side view of a woman with long blonde hair worn in a mohawk Dutch braid
You won’t be Frozen out of the Disney gang with this stunning ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/heatherchapmanhair

Cute Disney hairstyles don’t get much sweeter than Elsa’s snow queen look. Maybe it’s her bleach blonde locks, or perhaps it’s her enchanted looking braid; either way, she’s definitely a hair heroine in our eyes!

Reinvent her spellbinding ‘do with this exaggerated Dutch plait, which has been pancaked for extra volume and drama! Credit: @heatherchapmanhair

Editor’s tip: To ensure that your tresses have the grip and texture they need to hold your braids, try spritzing the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray into your locks before weaving.


Disney hairstyles: Photo of a woman with long dark hair in double Dutch braids
Practical and pretty. Recreate Mulans’ tresses. Credit: Instagram.com/sadahsaltzman

For the majority of her adventure, Mulan’s Asian locks are styled into a neat, military-inspired high bun. But we reckon that a warrior like Mulan can be a bit more experimental with her hairdo.

Cue these off-centre braids, which come complete with a fashionable deep side part – stylish and ready for action! Credit: @sadahsaltzman

The Princess and the Frog’s Tiana

Disney hairstyles: Woman with a deep red afro hairstyle pulled into a large bun
Rock it like the Princess and the Frog’s Tiana. Credit: Instagram.com/ronkeraji

High buns seem to be a firm favourite with Disney princesses – and Princess Tiana is no exception! Your natural hair will be kept off your face, so you’re free to be the awesome princess you are – all without kissing a single frog – phew! Credit: @ronkeraji

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