Mandy Moore on the red carpet with an '80s Flashdance-inspired perm hairstyle in a black dress

Is the curly perm back? Mandy Moore seems to think so!

Trust us, this perm is perfect for partying.   

The curly perm is officially cool again! We know, it sounds like we’ve sort of lost the plot, but hear us out. We were already partially sold on the idea when we saw Chrissy Teigen‘s curly ‘do, but as soon as we copped eyes onto Mandy Moore’s recent style change, we knew it was back for real!

The pop starlet debuted her cute, curly perm at HearstLive at the Hearst Tower in New York and is said to have drawn her #hairspiration from classic 1980s films. So, if you need to see the proof for yourself, scroll down and take a good look at the return of the perm!

Mandy Moore debuts big curly perm!

Mandy Moore on the red carpet with an '80s Flashdance-inspired perm hairstyle in a black dress
We’re living for Mandy Moore’s 80s-inspired curly perm. Credit: Getty Images

So you might be asking yourself: what movies exactly inspired Mandy Moore’s curly perm? Well, just by looking at the retro-influenced hairstyle, the All Things Hair team has its bets safely placed on Jennifer Beals from Flashdance and Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing. 

Have super straight hair but still want this retro look without getting a perm? To get this ’80s hairstyle at home, you’ll want to make heated styling tools (like curling tongs and heated rollers) your new hair BFFs!

Once you’ve got these on hand, simply take a look at our 4 easy steps to achieving amazingly curly 1980s locks! If these 2 style-conscious stars say the perm is back, then that’s all the convincing we need.



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