Hair trend on trial: The croissant bun – can it be done IRL?

Celebrate national croissant day by trialling the fashionable croissant bun!   

It’s no secret that we love French girl hair trends here at All Things Hair. So when we heard that the croissant bun was taking over the runway and reality, we had to see what the fuss was about. Not sure what it is? Fret not, because we’re about to spill the tea…

The croissant bun updo is basically a high-fashion, modern take on the classic Gibson tuck hairstyle and thanks to Chanel, it is everywhere. But is this runway hairstyle really a look that can work in real life? We investigate…

The croissant bun: The latest French girl hairstyle we’re double tapping

backshot of model on the chanel runway with a crossiant bun hairstyle
Love croissants? So does Chanel! Credit:

The runway version: Chanel’s sleek croissant bun

When we originally saw this croissant hairstyle on the Chanel catwalk during Paris Haute Couture Fashion week, we knew we were witnessing hairstory.

This elegant bun updo is part Princess Leia-inspired, part pastry-inspired and is perfect for those looking for a high-fashion hairstyle to up their mane game.

rear view of a wedding style bun of a woman
Fancy event? Make like Chanel and rock a sleek croissant bun!

Our take on the look

After trailing the trend, we can safely say: if you’re looking for a new way to wear your hair up, then you’ll be delighted to know that Chanel’s croissant chignon is the perfect for you.

And while we couldn’t score the same shape (Chanel used a hair piece to get it, FYI), we still managed to create this runway hairstyle. How? With the aid of a thin headband, which helped us form the delicious-looking croissant shape.

Editor’s tip: Are you ready to trial this hair trend? Just follow our step-to-step tutorial and make sure to finish off the look with the VO5 Sublime Sleek Creation Hairspray. It’ll ensure you maintain glossy strands all day, while holding your high-fashion style in place.

side shot of woman with
Lela Rose’s croissant bun is perfect for second day hair. Credit:

The runway version: Lela Rose’s casual croissant bun

Second day hair can be difficult to style, but Lela Rose’s runway just served up a croissant hairstyle that actually requires messy hair for it to work.

As you can see, this low-slung croissant bun is a lot more relaxed than Chanel’s version, making it perfect for everyday wear and tear. Anyone else getting Brigitte Bardot vibes from this ‘do?

back shot of model with low tucked crossiant bun hairstyle
Like to live on the casual side of the hair spectrum? Try this laid-back, croissant bun! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

 Our take on the look

There’s something thrilling about being able to turn a bedhead hairstyle into a work of art, and this modern Gibson tuck/croissant bun hybrid does just that.

To re-create this casual yet stylish look, we crafted a low ponytail and secured it with a hairband. Then, to add in some more sexy texture, we used the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray.

After that, we tucked the ponytail into itself to create this low croissant shape and secured it with some bobby pins. And guess what? We loved the end result!

The verdict

When we first saw of this trend, we thought it would be a tricky hairstyle to achieve. But after trailing it for ourselves, we saw just how simple it was.

So, whether you choose to rock it day or night is all up to you, but know this: you’ll effortlessly give off French girl vibes wherever you go.


If this pastry-inspired trend is a little to wild for your tastes, check out the other subtle and beautiful hair ideas on our Hair Trends page! The world of hair is full of wonderful and creative things to try.




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